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Download AG3 / AG4 Whatsapp Apk Latest Version 2022 for Free

Download AG3 Whatsapp Apk Download 2022

It is the beta version of AGWhatsapp that has not gained much popularity yet. Due to their unfamiliarity with the new version, most
people prefer the old versions.

You can now ag3 whatsapp app download, AG4 Whatsapp apk from this site. A reliable application can be found here.

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Many people replace WhatsApp with versions of WhatsApp Plus, which contains additional features that they like, because WhatsApp is the best messaging and calling application. AG3 Whatsapp Apk new version 2022 is one of these versions of WhatsApp Plus. If you want to share gbwhatsapp for ios apk, use anyshare. The download and instructions for updating AGWhatsApp can be found here.

AGWhatsApp APK File Specifications

Android CapabilityAbove 5.0
Number of Downloads350000
PurposeProviding more features than WhatsApp
App Size40 MB
RootNot Required
Date Updated5 Mins Ago

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What is AGWhatsApp? [AG3 Whatsapp Apk]

The AG WhatsApp application is a modified version of the official WhatsApp developed by Assem. AGWhatsApp App is available in 4 different colors: AGWhatsApp Blue, AG2 WhatsApp Pink, AG3 WhatsApp Green, and ERWhatsApp Gold. Asim Mahjoub created unique and new interfaces for the four versions, and all versions are anti-ban.Download AG WhatsApp Latest Version

As a result of new features, WhatsApp Plus has become one of the most popular applications for texting and calling, replacing WhatsApp as one of the most popular. The new version of AG WhatsApp 2022 offers a better version of WhatsApp. Download the AG WhatsApp Apk today!

In our previous article, we mentioned that AG WhatsApp is a mod for original Whatsapp, giving you access to premium and unique features. The buttons in AG WhatsApp can be customized to any color you want. Users can also alter their privacy settings. SA WhatsApp does not have any unique features. Dowa whatsapp apk download is mostly in Android mobiles. Avoid running the same app on more than one device at the same time.

The app cannot be downloaded by iOS and Windows users. Additionally, Hawa WhatsApp and FMWhatsapp are also available. You are going to benefit from similar features, so don’t worry about not getting the best every time.

Features Of AG3 Whatsapp Apk

  • Clicking the plus icon allows you to send likes or hearts with just a click
  • You can bold and italicize the text
  • When using bomb settings, you can send multiple messages with a single click
  • You can save your default message with the bomb set
  • When you don’t have access to your computer, you can use auto-reply to respond to incoming messages
  • Auto-reply can be set for messages at a specific time
  • In the AGThemes store you can find more than 4,000 beautiful themes
  • Change the background color of the header to customize it
  • Deleted statuses and messages can be viewed and read
  • Message scheduler allows you to schedule messages to be sent at a specific time
  • This is much easier to use than TM Whatsapp for locking any conversation
  • You can disable forwarding tags

Download AG3 Whatsapp Apk 2022 New Version

Download Blue AG3 Whatsapp Apk

The official WhatsApp app can be used alongside Blue AGWhatsApp V25.

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Download ER WhatsApp apk

It is a third copy of WhatsApp that you can use on your phone that is called Artgrel WhatsApp 2022.

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Download AG2 WhatsApp Pink

The AG2WhatsApp V25 is a copy of the original AG2 Whatsapp and can be used alongside the official WhatsApp application.

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Download AG3 WhatsApp Green

AG3WhatsApp V25 is the green version of WhatsApp that works alongside the original WhatsApp.

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AG3 Whatsapp Apk Download Information 2022

Update Date20/03/2022
Size52 MB
Market Version2.22.2.73

The only difference between the copies is the color of the icon. All of the copies have the same features and interface.

How to Update AG3 Whatsapp Apk?

To get the AG3 Whatsapp Apk update latest version, you simply need to download it from the link above, and remember not to delete the old version. If you do, some chats will be lost, and you’ll need to register again for AGWhatsApp.

AG WhatsApp New Update V25

  • When the media visibility is turned off, you can save media pictures and videos to your gallery.download ag whatsapp 2022
  • Your contacts will be designed differently when you download AG WhatsApp 2022.ag3 whatsapp 2022
  • Images that are marked “View Once” can be watched as many times as you wish, and can be downloaded in WhatsApp.agwhatsapp download apk
  • With the “Mass Sender” option, you can send multiple files at once.
  • A new option is now available under AG settings > Privacy to hide the download statuses button.

AG3 WhatsApp Best Features 2022

Lock WhatsApp

Simply select your preferred method of locking WhatsApp, such as PIN, pattern, or fingertip, at the top of AG3 Whatsapp Apk.ag whatsapp download 2022

AGWhatsApp Backup

This feature is available in Official WhatsApp, but most versions of WhatsApp Plus iOS do not provide backup. By having the backup saved on your phone itself, the developer Asim discovered a way to have a backup without having to use Google Drive. To do that, go to Adds, then Chat Backup.download ag3 whatsapp 2022

Navigation Button

It is possible to switch between chats using the navigation button without having to go back to the main interface.ag whatsapp new version

Privacy Settings

  • It is possible to hide your last seen and online status.
  • “Forward message” should be hidden.
  • Hide the fact that you saw your friends’ status updates.
  • Delete messages and statuses cannot be deleted.
  • Blue ticks, second tick, “typing” and “recording” should be hidden.ag whatsapp update apk

Change Interface

It is possible to customize the chat interface in many ways. For example, you can change the font type, icon color, and style from Plus Settings:

  • Hiding an icon and moving the bar down is the main interface.
  • The bubble color and the background color can be changed for chats.
  • Whatsapp notification control widget.ag3 whatsapp download latest version

Other Features in AG3 Whatsapp Apk

  1. Up to 100 images can be sent at once, and HD images can also be sent.
  2. The main interface should be pinned with 100 chats.
  3. Send a message to the unsaved number.
  4. WhatsApp statuses can be saved.
  5. Schedule messages.
  6. Dark mode is activated.
  7. Only turn off internet for WhatsApp.
  8. AGWhatsApp’s theme should be changed.

Do you have a red copy of AGWhatsApp?

Asim, the developer of AG WhatsApp, never released a red version, but some people assumed the pink version of AG WhatsApp was the red version. Get WhatsApp Red Plus for a red version of WhatsApp.

How to Download and Install AG3 Whatsapp Apk?

If In case you are looking to download a modified version of AG3 Whatsapp Apk, you are at the right place. You can download AG Whatsapp, the best mod that exists, from this section of our website. Following these steps carefully will ensure that you are ready to go:

  • We provided a button for a Download in the article. Click it first. After clicking it, you will be directed to the Download Page.
  • Once the page has fully loaded, click the button again. Within seconds of clicking it, you will see that the AG3 Whatsapp Apk starts downloading on your phone. The Notification Bar will notify you of this.
  • Open the Apk file once it is done. The Downloads folder can be accessed by opening the File Manager app. The Whatsapp mod Apk file is in that folder.
  • Click on it to open it on your mobile device if you get it.
  • Simply tap on the install button after allowing all the permissions. It’s that simple.
  • Start using it by going to your phone’s Home screen and clicking on the icon.


This app doesn’t notify you when it’s updated like other play store apps. Prior to installing the new version, the old one must be uninstalled. Why are you putting it off any longer? Start using premium features of AG3 Whatsapp Apk with the latest version.

If Please leave a comment below if you have any problems downloading the app from our website. We are always here to help. Also remember to share this article with your friends on social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I’ll see you at the next one, guys. Thanks for joining me today. Thanks again!