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Download AG WhatsApp Apk 2022 V24 Latest Version for android

AG WhatsApp is a popular app for texting and making calls, but some users are replacing it with WhatsApp Plus versions due to the additional features it contains. A better version of WhatsApp is available with AGWhatsApp apk, including AGWhatsApp new version 2022.

What is AGWhatsApp?

AG WhatsApp Apk
AG WhatsApp Apk

Among the four versions of AG WhatsApp, AGWhatsApp, AG2 WhatsApp, AG3 WhatsApp, and ERWhatsApp, AG WhatsApp is a modified version of the official WhatsApp. Four copies of the app can be downloaded to one phone, and Asim Mahjoub created unique and new interfaces, and all of the versions are anti-ban.

Download AG WhatsApp Apk 2022

Download Blue AGWhatsApp

In addition to official WhatsApp, you can use Blue AGWhatsApp V24.

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Download Golden ERWhatsApp

Additionally, you can use a third copy, called Artgrel WhatsApp, on your phone.

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Download AG2 WhatsApp Pink

Besides the official WhatsApp, AG2WhatsApp V24 can be used alongside it.

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Download AG3 WhatsApp Green

The green version of AGWhatsApp Plus V24 is compatible with the original WhatsApp and can work alongside it.

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AGWhatsApp Download Information 2022

Size50 MB
Market Version2.21.19.21

Only the color of the icon differentiates the copies. All the copies have the same features and interfaces.

How to Update AGWhatsApp Apk?

In order to update AG WhatsApp, you simply need to download the new version from the button above and don’t delete the old one, since if you delete it, all your chats will be lost, and you’ll be required to register again.

What’s new in WhatsApp 3assem’s latest version 2022

whatsapp 3assem 23

Version 23 has new additions

  • Send a video or image once and upload it.
  • You can reset your privacy in Add-ons > Privacy to fix message delay problems.
  • In place of the old automatic text feature, explosive text is used inside conversations.
  • Additions > Home Screen > Lines provides the ability to change the color of the online point.
  • By clicking on the contact’s name, the contact can see all the messages he or she has received.
  • Using the Image upload quality option (Storage and data > WhatsApp settings> Image upload quality) you can control the quality of images before sending them through WhatsApp.
  • (Click on a contact’s name to view all messages sent by that contact.)
  • One-time option to disable image display.
  • Make the user aware that the image should not be opened more than once.

The 23rd update contains fixes

  • Above, you can see chats.
  • Conversational boundaries.
  • Click here to hide the rest of the story.
  • Viruses destroyed the application.
  • Send a WhatsApp message.
  • The call log should contain all calls.
  • The group does not display archived chat.
  • Archived chats and hidden chats have large voids.
  • Statuses sent after 30 seconds will not be delivered.

WhatsApp 3assem gets new improvements

  • Sending photos and videos is now more accurate.

Download AGWhatsApp for iPhone and windows?

iOS and Windows users are not able to download the app. Dyowa apk does not require much ram to run. Other versions, such as FMWhatsapp and Hawa WhatsApp, are also available. Similar features are available on these versions as well.

Please use caution when activating all privacy settings, including hiding, receiving, and reading. Doing so may delay sending and receiving messages, which should be avoided.

AG WhatsApp New Update

  • The “View Once” images can be viewed as many times as you like.

    view once images
    view once images

Images can be viewed once

  • Downloading images marked as “View Once” is now possible.

    download view once images
    download view once images

Downloaded images can be viewed once

  • Instead of 30 images, send 30 at once.
  • WhatsApp stickers should be fixed.

A Guide to the Best Features of AGWhatsApp


The anti-ban feature in AGWhatsApp 2022 prevents you from being banned in WhatsApp.

Lock your WhatsApp account

Click on top of AGWhatsApp, and then choose if you want to lock WhatsApp with a pattern, PIN, or fingertip.

Lock WhatsApp
Lock WhatsApp

AGWhatsApp Backup

Although you will find this feature in Official WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus does not have this feature. Telegram mod apk are very unique and useful for people. To do this, go to Adds, then Chat Backup, and tap on the Chat Backup icon. This way, the backup is saved on your phone without having to use Google Drive.

Backup Chat
Backup Chat

Pin Chats

Unlike the official WhatsApp, AG WhatsApp Plus allows you to pin as many chats as you want.Pin Chats

Navigation Button

You can navigate between chats using the navigation button without having to exit the main interface.

Navigation Button
Navigation Button

Configuring the privacy settings

  • By hiding your online status and last seen, you can avoid being seen.
  • “Forward message” should be hidden.
  • Don’t let your friends know you saw their status.
  • Delete messages and statuses cannot be deleted.
  • The blue tick, the second tick, and “recording” should be hidden.
Privacy Settings
Privacy Settings

Change Interface

You can customize the chat interface in Plus Settings by adjusting the font type, icon color, and style:

  • The main interface can be hidden and the bar can be moved down.
  • To change the bubble color and the background color for a chat, select the color from the color wheel.
  • Whatsapp notification control widget.

    Change Interface
    Change Interface

AG WhatsApp has other features

  1. There is also a feature for sending HD images. You can upload up to 100 images at one time.
  2. The main interface should have 100 chats pinned.
  3. Send a message to an unsaved number.
  4. You can save WhatsApp statuses.
  5. Send messages at a scheduled time.
  6. Dark mode should be set to on.
  7. Make sure that only WhatsApp has internet access.
  8. AGWhatsApp can be customized.

Is AGWhatsApp available in red?

If you want to have a red version of WhatsApp, you need to download WhatsApp Red Plus. You might have heard about AG WhatsApp, but the developer Asim never released a red version.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I use WhatsApp on four different devices simultaneously?

On the same device, you cannot run two versions at the same time.

Can AGWhatsApp be trusted?

In general, it is safe to use if you are only going to use it for a short period of time.