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Alight Motion MOD APK (Pro Subscription Unlocked)

How would you like to edit newly captured videos in a simple and efficient way? What about creating amazing animations with a mobile app? With the introduction of Alight Motion, the ultimate mobile video editor trio is complete. As a result, the app will be your last choice for creating video, as it will work with both FilmoraGo and KineMaster.

To be clear, as with most other apps, Alight Motion provides similar customization options, which will help you to create effective in-game videos. Create brilliant videos with the endless imaginations you have with the large collection of video editing features and options. Also, it would make a great tool for anyone interested in making animated videos.

We review this amazing app from Alight Creative. Find out more about it.

How does it work?

Making videos and creating animations with your smartphone has never been easier, thanks to Alight Motion, you can totally craft professional-looking motion graphics and videos clips.

It offers a wide range of tools that users can use to edit videos and photos they have captured. You can also enjoy incredible features such as the ability to create motion graphics and animations. And at the same time, produce audio and sounds that are nice and refined.

Alight Motion:

The Video and Animation Editor allows users to use a powerful video editing tool on their mobile devices to create professional video animations and videos. It is here, in the app, that you will find amazing editing tools and astonishing visual effects, which will allow you to create your own personal edits and animations. Make amazing videos by capturing footage, or drawing into your devices.


Most mobile devices can be used to edit videos with the app. Consequently, it should work well on Android devices as well. In order for the app to perform effectively, you will need to give it decent power since video editing will require a lot of hardware power from your computer.

For you to install and run Android apps, your device needs to have at least 1.5GB of unallocated RAM. Ideally, you’ll have a quad-core processor and at least 4GB of RAM for your computer to perform well. Additionally, keep the Alight Motion app updated as often as possible so that you won’t miss out on any features.

Awesome features

The following are some of the exciting features offered in this game:

The best tools for animation and motion graphics

For those of you with creative flairs out there, Alight Motion makes changing your animated library easy. Thus, the app gives you the ability to create motion graphics and animations with vector and bitmap support, and it also allows you to edit vector graphics directly on your phone. This is the official Capcut editor video apk, you can now download it from google play. Consequently, you can easily make animated videos with ease.

Plus, the keyframe animation can also be set up for multiple settings, which would greatly enhance the capabilities of your editor. To make things even easier, there are presets and prebuilt elements available for you to choose from.

Edit your own material or download one from the library

The Alight Motion online library and the internal storage allow Android users to easily import editing materials to make the editing process more intuitive and accessible. With this, you can edit quickly and effectively on the go. In addition to this, the app also includes an option to export your video into MP4 videos or GIF animations, which assists you with creating your videos. Therefore, you can easily create the animations of your choice and upload them in standard definition.

There are many effects to choose from for your videos

Additionally, the application offers a very complete and capable editor and animation system, which allows you to apply multiple visual effects. A full color collection and gradient fill effects are included. Animated items can be accompanied by borders and shadows. You can create animated effects quickly and easily using velocity-based motion blur. While you thrive to create your own animation, you may enjoy the awesome visual effects and color corrections in the app.

Multi-layer video editing

If you are diving into the world of video editing and animation, Alight Motion provides what you need to use the application effectively and intuitively. That said, you will be able to access the layered settings, which enable you to have multiple layers of graphics, videos, and audio. The layers allow the viewer to see the entire board and give certain changes to each element in the video. As a plus, by grouping your layers together properly, you can easily section and edit the video as you need to.

Your favorite elements can be saved quickly

As a final note, after you’ve been using Alight Motion for editing videos and creating animations, consider accessing the app’s brilliant shortcuts to make it even more convenient and intuitive. You can also learn more how to download the Dizipal apk on google and in our website. Android users can save their favorites elements and effects within the app into groups to save them for future use. In other words, you won’t have to spend too much time editing the app, a few changes will be enough to produce a professionally edited video.

Free to use

Alight Motion is available for free on the Google Play Store for those of you interested in creating and animating motion graphics. Install it on your mobile devices for free and feel free to download it.

Enjoy our unlocked mod

We suggest you switch to our modified version of the app instead if you’re having trouble with the in-app purchases and ads. In other words, it lets you access all the features available in the app without having to purchase a subscription. Having fun while creating animations without being interrupted by ads is a good combination. In addition, you don’t have to pay a cent to use this app. Alight Motion Pro Mod APK can be downloaded from our website.


Some devices crash and stop working

As long as you can edit animations easily, the device typically works properly. Nevertheless, some mobile device users have complained that the app is unstable. Even worse, during editing, it may freeze, which is quite irritating. As a result, you should have the Alight Motion app updated to the latest version and have a capable hardware setup to enjoy the editor.

Final verdicts

There is no doubt that Alight Motion is a great choice for people looking for a portable way to make animations and motion graphics. Therefore, the app is compatible with most mobile devices without any trouble. However, it’s main feature is its variety of useful and effective features for creating beautiful animations. Therefore, it would be a wonderful addition to your collection of video editors.

We also don’t see any reason to have installed the app since it’s free and unlocked on our website. You can enjoy the full ugliness of animation whenever you’re ready and dive into the world of creativity.