Download ANWhatsApp Golden Apk 2022 Latest Version V19

The ANWhatsApp latest version apk 2022 is considered one of the most popular versions of WhatsApp Plus, because the official version of WhatsApp lacks most of the features that users need, so WhatsApp Plus came to satisfy the users with the features that they want. You will discover why ANWhatsApp is so popular and why users prefer it over the official WhatsApp when you download ANWhatsApp latest version apk 2022. As part of this article, we provide all versions of AWhatsApp, including AWhatsApp +10 and AWhatsApp +11, so you can choose and download the one you want.

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What Is AN WhatsApp v19?

There are 10 different versions of the AN WhatsApp which is a new development in the WhatsApp Plus world. AN WhatsApp which is a modified version of the official WhatsApp has many additional features, for example: more privacy controls and the ability to pin more than three chats. The most popular copies of AN WhatsApp are: AN WhatsApp+2, AN WhatsApp+4, AN WhatsApp+10, and AN WhatsApp+11.

Download ANWhatsApp Apk Latest Version 2022

Here are all the links for a WhatsApp download: There are three versions of whatsapp, all with the golden theme. Some people call it “Golden WhatsApp”:

An WhatsApp download

The official WhatsApp version must be deleted before you can install the AnWhatsApp Golden alternative.

Download An Whatsapp

An WhatsApp+2 download

Next to the official WhatsApp, you can download a version with a second number.

Download An Whatsapp

An3 WhatsApp apk download

The official WhatsApp with a third number can be downloaded alongside anwhatsapp+3.

Download An Whatsapp

An WhatsApp+4 download

There is a whatsapp+4 app that adds a fourth number to the official WhatsApp.

Download An Whatsapp

AnWhatsApp+5 download

Next to official WhatsApp, you can download a Whatsapp+5 with a fifth number.

Download An Whatsapp

AnWhatsApp+6 apk download

Additionally, you can download a whatsapp+6 app with a sixth number in addition to the official WhatsApp app.

Download An Whatsapp

AnWhatsApp+7 download

The official WhatsApp can be downloaded along with an7 whatsapp that has a seventh number.

Download An Whatsapp

AnWhatsApp+8 download

Additionally, an eighth number is available for download in the official WhatsApp app.

Download An Whatsapp

Info Download anwhats

Version v19
Update date 15/02/2022
Size 51.75 MB
Market Version

Latest Update of ANWhatsApp

It’s easiest to distinguish between versions of ANWhatsApp from the icon. It’s “AN” if it’s the first version, and +2 if it’s the second.

ANWhatsApp is updated periodically, but when you update your phone don’t delete your old version while updating the new version while it is on your phone. There is a risk of losing all your chats if you download the wrong version.

AnWhatsApp+10 Update Latest Version

  • You can save photos to the gallery when the visibility of media is off in WhatsApp+10.

Save to Gallery

  • Whatsapp+11’s audio recording interface has received a major update with the app’s release of version 11an whatsapp apk download

Audio recording design

  • Anwhatsapp+10 offers you a new design for your contacts

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ANWhatsApp Top Features

Switch between 5 accounts

The ANWhatsApp app allows you to switch between five numbers; you can access this feature by going to Ammar Adds and selecting switch whatsapp apk download latest version

Privacy Features

  • Hide your last seen and online whatsapp download apk
  • “Forward” messages should be stopped.
  • an whatsapp download apk
  • Delete the “forward message”.
  • Prevent the deletion of messages and whatsapp apk download latest version
  • The blue tick, the second tick, “typing,” and “recording” should be whatsapp apk download

AN Media Options

There is a limit of 30 images per WhatsApp message in the original message, but in AN WhatsApp there is no limit. You might also be able to send media up to 700 MB, and you can control which content is saved.

Themes Store

A theme can be changed from the tool’s theme store when you download anwhatsapp+11 apk latest version. The themes category can be found on our site if you want to see more.

Additional Features

  • Send automated replies to messages.
  • Styles for widgets can be controlled.
  • Change the interface for chat and the main page.
  • Controlling groups is an option.
  • To send a message to an unsaved number.
  • Chat backups.

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