Best cases for the Nothing phone (1) in

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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The great Nothing phone (1) debuted with a bang. It takes a lot to make a name for yourself in today’s toughly competitive smartphone market, but nothing comes close enough. If you ordered the phone (1) for yourself, congratulations! Now, please get this awesome Nothing (1) phone case before you crack or shatter this unique transparent back. Nothing is indestructible, not even Gorilla Glass 5.

Cool Cases Nothing Phone (1)

Less is more when it comes to none phone cases (1)

Obviously the best Nothing phone cases (1) are clear or semi-transparent options with enhanced drop protection. You don’t want to cover up the device’s main attraction: the LEDs built into the back that make up the front of the Glyph. Since everything on the back is covered in glass, shock resistance is your number one priority when getting a cover for the Nothing (1) phone.

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