Best SideQuest, App Lab, and sideloaded games for Oculus Quest 2 in

Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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You can spend hundreds of hours playing through the best Meta Quest 2 games without searching for new ones, but you should never sleep on the best App Lab games, the best sideloaded games for Quest 2. They often provide unique experiences from independent developers, Many of them are free or inexpensive. Others, by contrast, are classic PC game mods that will likely never make the Oculus Store official. The Oculus App Lab has opened up a whole new world of experiences for Quest owners, but these games often cost money to play. We’ve rounded up plenty of free titles to check out with this in mind, so you can always keep something new on your deck without making a monetary commitment.

gorilla sign

In Gorilla Tag, there is no crazy movement mode that you can adapt to; Just use your hands to grab the ground and fling your monkey’s body around the arena where the only purpose is not to catch it. Several game modes, arenas, skins, and different moves will keep the excitement going, and you’ll quickly remember why playing tag as a kid was so much fun! Gorilla Tag for Quest has crossover with the PC VR version, and you can either play in public or private rooms for the best experience. what are you waiting for? I reject humanity. Be a gorilla.

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