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Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Nothing Phone 1 in hand

🌊 Happy day and welcome to Daily Power. This morning I woke up to a water cut. Normally, this wouldn’t be so terrible, but since I forgot to fill my water jug ​​last night, it also means no coffee. Monday seems to have arrived late.

Nothing Phone 1 coming soon

Nothing Phone 1 Avatar

For nothing, the launch of the Phone 1 appears to have arrived a few hours ago. A major last-minute leak appears to have spilled all the grain ahead of Nothing Phone 1’s official debut later today.


  • Dump information comes courtesy of the developer Kuba Wojciechowski via Twitter.
  • Wojciechowski claims to have access to the phone’s firmware, which reveals a lot about the phone.
  • The mentioned firmware is made by the Chinese original design manufacturer BYD Electronics.

the program

  • As a result, it looks like Nothing Phone 1 will land with some generic Chinese apps.
  • This includes a 400MB camera app and a game mode that shares some features with Meizu phones.
  • Of course, we’ll only be able to confirm these details once we have the phone for review.
  • The good news is that Phone 1 is running Nothing OS 1, which is entirely based on Android 12.


  • In terms of hardware, the leak confirms the previously revealed Snapdragon 778G Plus chipset.
  • We also get a 120Hz FHD + AMOLED panel on the front.
  • According to the firmware, two 50-megapixel sensors from Sony and Samsung will make up the dual rear camera (nothing has already been revealed about the IMX766 sensor of the main camera).
  • The selfie camera will use a 16MP Sony sensor.

Nothing is officially scheduled to launch Phone 1 for the first time at 4 PM GMT (11 AM ET) today. So be sure to visit Android salad Get the latest details as soon as you broadcast.

round up

πŸ–ΌοΈ In the meantime, get Nothing Phone 1 wallpapers while you wait (Android salad).

🍏 Apple released watchOS 9 beta And the iPadOS 16 beta For enthusiastic adopters. While the iPadOS upgrade seems like a notable step for power users, watchOS 9 is focused on bringing more health tracking metrics to the wrist (the edge).

πŸ‘ƒ What smells better than it tastes?(p./askreddit).

Tuesday chart

This graph was too impressive to be missed. Reddit user record u/r88b file Turn signal use fellow drivers Along a journey across the continental United States. The data was collected gently β€œon the lid from a can of donuts” over a period of 3.5 weeks, and then plotted in a graph later on the map you see below.

Tuesday's daily authority chart, July 12, 2022

Overall, their “very scientific study” provides us with clear evidence that drivers in North Carolina may have something against their turn signals. Nebraskan seems to host the most well-behaved drivers in the states surveyed.

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