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Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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🌞 Good day and welcome to daily power. We had some great weather here this weekend, but now back to the winter winds and rain this coming week.

Should you adopt fine kinetics?

Feet in black sneakers, ride an electric bike

Adam Bernie / Android Authority

With the summer sun on his back, my colleague Adam Bernie bought an electric scooter for quick city commuting. But is it really better than the bus? Well, Adam submitted his thoughts into a must-read opinion piece that weighs the pros and cons of owning one. So, are electric scooters any good?


  • Adam discovered how easy it really is to learn to ride an electric scooter during summer trips to work.
  • The relevant model, entry level Gotrax GXL V2 Electric ScooterIt was also “easy to assemble” and only took four hours to charge.
  • “With one foot planted on the scooter and the other off the ground, all it took was a simple turn of the throttle to pick up speed and maintain balance.”
  • Once you get the hang of it (and stop, of course), the commutes are remarkably fun.
  • “The feeling of the breeze as I cross the bridge into the heart of downtown, the quiet satisfaction of passing cars stuck in traffic will never get old.”
  • You’ll get more used to handling and operating the scooter, and this confidence eventually cultivates the “fun factor”.
  • In the end, it’s a practical transportation for short daily commutes.


  • But of course, there are limitations.
  • Adam noted that the Gotrax lacks some amenities, from a comfortable ride to enough power to climb modest slopes.
  • And the lack of a practical foldable clip made it difficult to carry.
  • Using electric scooters in winter or wet weather is not the most practical way to travel either.
  • Luggage can also be an issue.
  • Then comes the issue of legality. Your city may embrace somewhat green transportation, but strict speed limits and space allowed may render an electric shooter useless on an electric bike.

Well, I want one. What now?

  • Make sure you know your local laws, needs, requirements, and most importantly, your budget.
  • Higher priced scooters will include important safety additions, such as headlights and taillights, and thicker tires for a smoother ride, more horsepower, or better battery life.
  • All things considered, Adam recommends electric scooters for those who struggle with public transportation.
  • “I used to take the bus everywhere, but now I won’t be back unless I have to.”

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