Daily Authority: 🤔 Nothing lives up to the hype?

Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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🎧 Happy hump day! I am happy to inform you that as of last night, the popular Lofi Girl is back on broadcast Radio Luffy Hip Hop, 24 hours a day. All is well.

Nothing Phone 1 is here!

Nothing Phone 1 in hand

Oliver Cragg / Android Authority

Yesterday the hugely promoted Nothing Phone 1 was officially announced. Although most of them leaked a few hours before the presentation (which you should know if you read yesterday’s newsletter), we now have full details about Carl Pei’s latest project.

Essential details

  • In terms of specs, the Nothing Phone 1 is mostly a standard mid-range affair.
  • It has a 6.55-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 120Hz, a 4,500mAh battery, dual 50MP cameras, and 8 or 12GB of RAM.
  • The phone is powered by the 2021 class Snapdragon 778G Plus, which provides enough power for most of the users.
  • However, the processor appears to have been customized by Qualcomm to allow 15W Qi wireless charging and 5W reverse wireless charging (hence the “plus” sign).
  • Unfortunately, there is no charger in the box.
  • Check out the specifications and more here.
  • The real lever is the LED “Glyph” lights on the back, which can be programmed to perform a variety of functions.
  • For example, it can blink when a notification is received, flash when calls are received, show battery percentages while charging, or act as a headlight when using the camera.
  • Watch This short video To see how cool and unique this feature is.

early impressions

  • So does the device actually live up to the hype?
  • Although no one has spent enough time with the Phone 1 to publish a full review, several publications have made early impressions, most of them initially positive.
  • Android saladOliver Cragg was a fan of the design, writing that “nothing looks like Phone 1, and more importantly, it looks like a phone worth twice its asking price,” even though it faces stiff competition from other more established mid-range options like the Galaxy A53 and Pixel 6a and iPhone SE.
  • Matt Smith in Engadget Liked tooand wrote that “nothing goes aesthetically difficult, and … the phone seems, at least on first impressions, very capable.”
  • the edgeAlison Johnson Not quite bought into the hypenoting that although it doesn’t appear to be “the revolutionary device the company is marketing as…it has a good chance of being an excellent mid-range phone right now.”
  • Alex Walker Todd At technology radar Praised for the level of polishing on Nothing’s first phonehe writes, that “unique features such as transparent backlighting and token lighting marry modernity and functionality in a way absent on most other phones.”
  • 9to5Google’s Damien Wild called the Pixel 5’sCousin of cyberpunk, comparing the lightweight Nothing OS favorably with Google’s first-party phones. He also wrote that “…once you erase the noise, it actually seems rather strong.”

Pricing and availability

  • Nothing Phone 1 will go on sale on July 21st.
  • However, it will not be available in the United States. You can get it in the UK, Europe, Australia, India and 40 other countries.
  • Pricing starts at £399 / €469 (about $475) for the 8GB/128GB version.

Prime Day is not over yet!

Amazon’s annual explosion is still in the works, and there are some really great tech deals this year. There are a few of our favourites:

round up

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Eat rich popsicles

It’s time to eat rich! Billionaire ice cream lollipops are made by Brooklyn artist group MSCHF Sold in select food trucks in New York City and Santa Monica, California. Today seems to be your last chance to get one, although I like to think that they will live on in people’s hearts and minds for years to come.

But it costs $10, which some Twitter commentators have criticized as the “peak of capitalism.” Can’t really argue with that.

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