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Download Design Home Mod APK (Unlimited Money/Diamonds/Keys)

With the latest version of Design Home (MOD, unlimited keys and money), you can build your own dream homes, allowing you to improve your interior design skills significantly. Version 1.700.026, 1.72.0023, and 1.7403. These three versions are most popular.

In this virtual environment, you can experiment with different styles of home decoration. By choosing furniture from the game, players can make their houses look magnificent and beautiful. The game involves renovating and decorating houses.

Play the Design Home Android game by downloading it. Try it if you’re one of those admirers and want to design your own home without investing a penny.

With this nifty Android game, you can experience 100% free creative styles. You can also learn more how to download Trucker real wheels mod unlimited coins apk on google and in our website. With this game, you can design hundreds of homes from your imagination.

The only thing that makes this game a bit annoying are the constant ads and the in-app purchases. There are times when you need to spend a bit in order to enjoy your favorite styles. People who can’t afford Android games can play this game. In the official version, you won’t be able to obtain all of the exceptional free privileges that are included in the modified version.


Download Design Home Mod APK

Have you ever been told how to decorate your new apartment by a family member or friend? Have you ever thought about working in the design industry? Let us help you transform your house into a dream home right now by letting you experience Design Home.

In the game, you will pick the furniture for each room based on its environment and the design assigned to it by the game.

You start the game with an empty house without any items.

In order to select the best accessories for each locale and coordinate with the common space, players must develop their imaginations.

Win awesome prizes by challenging yourself

Just like any Android game, Design Home offers a lot of challenging in-game missions. A similar game on Android does not offer such high-quality graphics.

The game deserves a 5-star rating in my opinion, since you can design your own exteriors and interiors, as well as learn how to do that.

As you study the designs around you, you’ll learn more, but I can assure you that the content inside the game will amaze you. After completing a variety of challenges in this game, I am in love with every aspect of home design. Stop dreaming and start creating!

Level up and unlock all My Home missions

Would you like to create your own virtual home? Playing this virtual game is very simple. You can create more than 100 designs, sell them during tournaments, and earn a great deal of gold in the game.

As you progress through the game, you will be able to access this stuff once you level up your designing skills. The My Home section is now free to access. If you have a child then download the Shoujo city 3d apk. You can create and save designs here for free without spending a penny. What could be more interesting than that?


Home decoration is just one aspect of the game. However, it also offers many advantages to designers who want to experiment with different furniture arrangements across their workspace. As players complete fun levels in Design Home, they can express their passion for dreams.

Furthermore, young people were able to use the game for free to decorate their dream homes and improve their decorating skills. In addition to designing their dream home, players can also unlock a variety of interiors.


In Design Home, the players will be able to shop at upscale shopping malls for furniture to furnish their dream homes. High-end interior design brands such as Kathy Kua Home, Noir, and Loloi offer a variety of products with diverse designs.

We can make your design dreams a reality. Aside from that, they add new products constantly, so you can create and discover your own style.

Get the powerful communities’ help to create your own home

Design Home Mod APK latest version

Do you want to create global designs to attract a lot of customers? You will need the community’s help in answering this question.

Developing one’s skill set often takes thousands of hours of work for beginners. Everything you need is in the game, so you don’t have to worry!

In the Community section of the game, there are a lot of communities you can join depending on your level. Most of the communities are designed by professionals. After that, they can assist you in learning a lot of things, such as how to design realistic models and how to incorporate a variety of ideas into your home models. Good luck!

Enjoy free premium features with the modified version

We all love Android games, and we can feel blessed every time we play Design Home! To put it another way, we should stop in-app purchases and interruptions. Due to its terms of service, it’s not available through Google Play Store. The only version you need is this one!

There is a modified version of the game that can be downloaded from the links below, and it will not have any of the consequences listed above. Simple! The MOD APK version of the game is a modified, patched, or cracked version of the official game. Next, let’s take a closer look at some of its features.

Renovation & Makeover of Your House

The game is very innovative and is enjoyed by many players. Playing this game is easy and fun as long as you have a decent sense of taste. By creating your own design style in Design Home, you can create your own home.

A house can be customized by selecting items in various colors and styles to meet the standard. In addition, numerous properties can be built within the same area.

Purchase Unlimited Diamonds & Coins

The mod version can be viewed as the futuristic version of the official game due to all the exclusive features it offers. You are correct! You can buy unlimited diamonds and money in the beginning of the game.

Now that you’re tired of the free designs, would you like to upgrade to a premium design? With this modified version of the program, you are only free to choose any design you like and create the most interesting homes on your own. If you agree, please click the download link below and get Design Home MOD APK as soon as possible.

With the modified version, enjoy numerous home keys

You will uncover the key meanings of this game when you play it for the first time. There are many valuable resources in the game. You can access most of the premium content in the game by using these keys. Therefore, you can imagine how frustrating it is when you are unable to play the game.

These keys are very difficult to earn in the game. You are all born strugglers, so worrying isn’t an option. You can download Design Home MOD APK using the link below and fix all your problems. The game provides you with infinite keys that you can use to unlock premium gaming items for free.

Design that Works for You

Design Home APK

Once a player’s artwork has been completed, you can vote on their rooms. Additionally, players can choose works that they believe deserve a 5-star rating. Game graphics are extremely realistic and shimmery, which makes for an incredible experience for players.

Enjoy Useful Resources to Decorate Your Home

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to renovate your favorite homes virtually, without wasting a single dollar on materials? Absolutely! This modified version makes it possible. An exclusive game developed just for you. It has been downloaded millions of times.

All of this was possible only because of Design Home Android’s superior gaming experience. You will be as awestruck by all its designs as though you were watching them in real life with this stunning game’s high-resolution graphics.

No Advertisements

Unlike the original version, the modified version has all the premium features for free. No ads are shown when using the premium features.

Game Review:

“Fun, but irritating.”. I’ve been playing for a while now and really like the game. It’s annoying how diamonds can only be used to buy specific items. The “diamond items” you need to purchase are all very expensive, even though you only receive 500 diamonds per day. So you end up in a loop of not playing so you can save diamonds, but then use them up immediately when you play again. Please increase the number of diamonds per challenge you complete or a daily bonus.

Backgrounds and placements are very limited. You have to design with what you have in stock if you are new to Design Home, because furniture and accessories are costly. You can’t move forward without buying stuff without a lot of money or diamonds. That’s not going to work! Get diamonds for accessories, flowers, and art. It would be nice to be able to buy a bit of everything from each category with the money you earn from playing. Playing is fun, but I have a hard time getting nice designs with these limits.” By Vicky Hotz

In February, I received a negative review. However, now that I’ve been playing for months, I’m really enjoying it. You can buy new items by collecting a reward every day, 500 diamonds, and not using it until it adds up enough to buy. Or you can use a credit card once in a while if you can afford it. The voting part doesn’t seem fair to me sometimes. As an example, there is an outdoors challenge and people get a 5, but there is beautiful living room furniture out of the house.” By Sue Aldstadt

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Stay up to date with daily additions of real-world items from top brands and challenging Design Challenges!
  • Performance improvements and technical fixes