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Download FMWhatsapp Fouad Pro Apk For Android in 2022

For FMWhatsApp as well, a mod is always better than the original. Whether you’ve used WhatsApp Mods before or you’re seeking a new one, FMWhatsapp Pro simply makes things easier for you.

Fouad Whatsapp offers many features that the original WhatsApp app doesn’t. In order to give their users a better experience, WhatsApp offers features such as customization, privacy, and security.

We prefer MOD APKs because they offer greater flexibility and user experience than the original ones. Modifying the current app and adding features is what they do. This is why users nowadays prefer WhatsApp MOD APKs.

What’s FM Whatsapp?

A modified version of the original Whatsapp app, FM WhatsApp enhances and modifies the original application. The original does not have any bugs, but sometimes it is frustrating to use because it lacks some features. FM Whatsapp offers many features that the original app does not. Acmarket apk for android are very unique and useful for people. Whether it is an original app or a modified one, the best app for us is always the one that provides us with the best features.

There are quite a few Whatsapp MOD APKs online, but most of them are fake or are just copies of the original Whatsapp application without any extra features. This Whatsapp MOD collection was compiled from trusted sources to make things easier for you. FMWhatsapp is discussed in this article, as well as how to download it directly. The FMWhatsapp APK latest version comes with a lot of cool features.

Amazing Features Of FM WhatsApp 2022

When you are able to have more, you should not settle for less. With their extra features and privacy-related tweaks, third-party versions of WhatsApp are growing in popularity. Often, people think that modified apps are always better than originals. Unlike the regular app, it has features you cannot find within it. This is why we listed some FM Whatsapp highlights below. You may be tempted to try FMWhatsapp Apk after reading this list of features.

Privacy Features Of Fouad WhatsApp

Freeze your last scene:

We sometimes don’t want other people to see our last seen on WhatsApp, and that’s always a concern. The original WhatsApp version allows you to turn off your last seen notification, but you won’t be able to see other people’s notifications because of this.

What is the purpose of Fouad Whatsapp? The last time someone was on WhatsApp will be visible to you, but the last time someone was on WhatsApp will not be visible to them. In FM WhatsApp, you can enable the feature by clicking the three dots on the top right corner, selecting Fouad mods, then clicking on Privacy, then selecting freeze last seen.

Hide view status:

Once again, the FM Whatsapp feature proves to be useful. Most users prefer third-party versions because of their enhanced privacy features. This is the officia Na4 whatsapp apk, you can now download it from google play. You can use this feature to hide the fact that you are viewing the status of someone whose status has been updated with a story. Activating this feature will allow you to see other people’s status updates without them knowing.

Show blue ticks after Reply:

This feature of FMWhatsapp may be very useful to you since it allows you to remain completely anonymous with your friends, without even letting them know that you read their message but do not respond. It is quite common for us to receive messages, read them, but then not be able to reply to them for whatever reason.

It is dangerous to leave messages unanswered. What can be done? If you use FM WhatsApp, you can solve the problem. The sender of an FM WhatsApp message sees blue ticks only when you respond to them, not when you view the message. Those who are always busy and cannot respond right away might find this feature useful.

Hide delivered and blueTick:

The official WhatsApp developers were unable to add this feature for some reason, despite so many requests from users. The name describes it in such a way that the sender cannot tell if the message has been delivered or not.

This is also covered by the blue tick. You don’t know if a message has been sent if you have not seen it. You will only see one tick on his app. You will now be able to read his messages if you allow him access. How cool is that?

We recently added a new feature. Would you like to keep something secret when talking online? Doesn’t the name say it all – are you going to keep it a secret? Turn it on. You will not see your voice message while you type it or record it. Totally private. Free FMWhatsApp download.

Message a number without saving any contact:

Anyone can text, call, or even video call you using FM Whatsapp without giving out their number. We use this feature when we want to send someone a one-time text message, but don’t want to save their number on our phone. Choose ‘message a number’ from the three dots in the top right corner. You will be able to send a direct message.

Disable forwarded tag on messages:

If a message is forwarded to someone or to any group, a tag will appear next to it. It can sometimes be frustrating when our messages to others appear ambiguous and lose their originality. Using FM Whatsapp, we can forward any message we send to others many times before the message reaches the intended recipient. Go to Fouad Mods > privacy > Disable forwarded message tag to enable this feature.

Select the contacts who may be able to call you:

People sometimes call us unexpectedly, and we don’t want to keep in touch with them. In some cases, people choose to call through WhatsApp rather than directly through cellular networks, which we find annoying.

Contacts who we don’t want to receive calls cannot be blocked; we must simply block them. By blocking people from your contact list, you can choose who can call you on FM Whatsapp. As they may be unable to communicate with you, blocking might not be a good idea.

Anti-Delete status:

The anti-delete status feature of FMWhatsApp is one of its best features. The story will be deleted if you post a status update and then delete it after you post it. The advantage you have with FM Whatsapp is unfair this time.

Even if someone deletes their story, it will still stay on the site. You can watch stories posted on status while no one else can see them while this feature may seem simple, but it offers you a lot of benefits.

Anti-Delete messages:

FM Whatsapp also offers anti-delete messages, similar to the anti-delete status feature. With this feature, deleted messages can be viewed. The recipient will not be able to tell who sent a message that was deleted because it appears as ‘this message has been deleted’.

Developers have added a feature that allows users to view deleted messages in FM Whatsapp, so this problem does not exist. Keep an eye out for other features that will be added to FM Whatsapp in the future.


Is your WhatsApp theme cliche and green? Would you like to change it? There are thousands of WhatsApp themes available. FM Whatsapp stands out because of this feature. FM Whatsapp offers over 100 themes with more to come. You can select the theme that fits your personality. Take advantage of these awesome features and discover something new each day by downloading FM Whatsapp. You can use all the features for free.

The Final Words

Because the official WhatsApp version is the official version and we use it a lot, it has some limitations. Despite our requests for some features, WhatsApp wasn’t able to implement them all for some reason. When the same app provides so much, why settle for less? With its amazing features, FM WhatsApp 2022 easily outshines WhatsApp’s official version. With features like frozen last seen, disabled forward tags, and hiding view status, FM Whatsapp takes Whatsapp to a whole new level. The features are totally customizable. Please don’t hesitate to give it a try; you won’t regret it. You can download FM Whatsapp by clicking the links in the middle of the article.