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Download Folder Lock Pro Apk Latest Version for Android

APK paid version of Folder Lock Pro v2.5.9 is available for download. Would you like to try it? The APK version of Folder Lock Pro v2.5.9 APK Paid v 2.5.9, which was released on 2021-01-20 by undefined size [ 9], has over 1000 installations on the App Store and is in the Tools category.

This is the most popular file locking app on Google Play. This app requires Android 4.0 or higher. The latest version of Folder Lock Pro v2.5.9 may not be compatible with older Android phones. File lockers are among the most popular apps on Google Play.

The new version of the Android app, Folder Lock, focuses on providing security for those users who are concerned about their privacy. You can also learn more how to download the Swap no root apk on google and in our website. Additionally to securing photos, videos, wallets, and data, Folder Lock provides moded attempt monitoring, decoy mode, and stealth mode!

With GPS Map Camera Lite Pro, you can secure many of your private pictures.

On Android phones, File Lock protects personal files, images, videos, documents, contacts, wallet cards, notes, and audio recordings with a password.

The interface is slick and easy to use. As well as galleries, PC/Mac, cameras, and Internet browsers, files can be transferred.

  • Your photos are protected by a photo locker
  • Videos can be locked and hidden with video lockers
  • Protect your albums by locking them in a vault
  • Notes Lock lets you lock and hide notes
  • Private apps can be locked to prevent unauthorized access

Password-Protect Sensitive Photos & Videos:

There are some pictures that should be shared, and there are others that should not. These files can be protected with Folder Lock.

From the Folder Lock interface, you can take encrypted photos and record videos. Alternatively, you can import photos and videos to lock them in seconds.

Locking an application:

In addition, you can lock or protect downloaded applications such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Furthermore, you can lock system apps, such as the gallery, messages, contacts, and Gmail.

Files containing secret audio:

If the audio files are private or business-related, make sure no one can find them.

Lock Sensitive Documents & Notes:

You should protect sensitive documents such as bank statements, tax returns, spreadsheets, and other confidential files.

Wallets that are secure:

Create a secure wallet, and you can securely store information about credit cards, bank accounts, health cards, passports, and so much more.

Keep a secret voicemail:

Record your secret thoughts with the Secret Voice Recorder. You can also listen to your recordings using the integrated audio player.

Contact information for private clients:

You can send group SMSes to secret contacts using Folder Lock’s secure interface.

Backup to the cloud:

Don’t lose your files or folders again by securing them. Using the cloud, you can backup data regularly.

There are four types of security locks:

In addition to a password, PIN, pattern, or fingerprint, you can choose to set up a PIN as your primary lock.

Recovery of data:

You will never have to worry about data loss with Folder Lock. With the built-in data recovery feature, users can recover deleted files and folders.

Transferring files wirelessly:

Using Wi-Fi, you can easily transfer sensitive data between devices


Download Folder Lock Pro Apk

Fake User Mode (Decoy Mode)

You can prevent unknown users from seeing your real Folder Lock profile by creating a fake one.

Shift to the panic mode by shaking, flicking or placing your palm on the screen

Simply shake, flick, or place your palm on the screen to switch between apps.

Using a secure browser

You can download pictures and videos using Folder Lock’s secure browser. Your browsing history is not stored.

moded Attempt Monitoring

Time-stamped images of intrusions are captured by Folder Lock.

Benefits of Folder Lock Pro Mod Version:

  • Private photos should be protected
  • Videos and pictures that contain sensitive information should be hidden
  • Audio that is password-protected
  • Documents should be locked down
  • Securely note down your thoughts
  • Make secret recordings of voicemails and memos
  • Saved Contacts can be imported
  • Organize your contacts into groups
  • Multiple SMS sent to Secret Contacts Group

Reviewing app:

“I like this, it hides files well. Strangely, the folder containing the content you want to hide is not hidden. Furthermore, the only option for backing up data to the cloud is Dropbox, which I detest. How come there’s no OneDrive or G Drive? Dropbox is the worst.” By Shagrath Blacksixx

“I know I should have tested the free version of this app before I paid for the full version, but I jumped the gun and purchased it. If you want to share Fix my speakers apk, use anyshare. If it only shows access to maybe 100 at the most, it doesn’t access all my photos on my phone. I have thousands of pictures and videos on my phone. The safe does not show me any other images, photos, or videos.

Even though it wasn’t that expensive, I definitely want my money back.” By Shahram Shah

The desktop version of the app lacks the “Create Locker” functionality. Because of that, folder privacy apps like this one are more secure than any others. In addition, the splash screen that appears during app launch should be disabled, since it appears even in disguise mode, defeating the purpose.” By Mahesh Arunachalam.