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Funny Things in GTA 5 Game

GTA 5 apk is your favorite game? Would you like to know more about it? Here are some funny things you ought to try in GTA 5. Because of their uniqueness and beauty, you will laugh. You should try some of these things in GTA V APK.

For amazing responses, send hunting photos to random characters:

As Trevor, you can do this after completing a hunting mission in GTA V APK. As you hunt animals, you can send pictures of your hunts to random players to earn money.

People reward you with money when you perform these tasks and become famous. Earning money by hunting seems to be pretty interesting.

GTA V APK includes other Rockstar Games’ store

GTA V APK has another funny and interesting feature. You can place stores from GTA Vice City and San Andreas inside GTA V and play those GTA games as well.

The fact that you can play older games in the new version is a very cool feature indeed. Customizing the game to your liking is possible, but it requires a little bit of time. Play GTA V with other GTA games embedded in it.

The following are small video games you can play in GTA V:

The game also features this very funny and cool feature. This feature lets you access the video gaming store and play small video games such as brother scooter games and others.

The experience of playing a game inside a game is also fun on another level. I’m sure you’ll be hooked on those intriguing small games. The GTA V APK also includes games like snooker and soccer. Feel free to download it.

Those who fall from hills or buildings:

GTA 5 APK is one of my favorite things to do, and it’s very funny. It’s as simple as reaching the highest point. When you reach the top of a building with a helicopter or other vehicle, simply jump and watch the player’s funny actions.

The parachute can also be used to protect your player in GTA V. Falling from a tall building is extremely fun, you’ll enjoy it. Falls from hills are also quite fun.

After reaching the hill station, you must find the biggest mountain in the hill station in order to accomplish this task. To jump from the mountain, climb up the mountain with the help of any vehicle and then jump.

You will have a lot of fun doing this stuff. I like falling from hills the most in the GTA game, it gives a great feeling of pleasure. For those who enjoy these types of games, you should also try Lost Life Apk.

When you jump from the plane:

There’s nothing funnier in the game than this. It is a lot of fun jumping or falling from the plane while playing the game. It is simply a matter of flying a plane and when you reach a high altitude simply jumping from the plane.

When you pass through clouds as you fall from a great height to the earth, you will enjoy that moment. It gives GTA V players a great deal of joy and happiness.