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GB Telegram MOD APK v7.9.0 Latest Version Official for Android

Messenger and communication application Telegram is among the fastest growing and most popular. After the latest update to the Whatsapp privacy policy, there are millions of users (Android & iPhone) who have downloaded this application. The signal is also one of the fastest-growing applications, with more than 100 million installations worldwide.

As a result of the popularity and success of Telegram, the GB developers released and launched the GB Telegram APK version which is a better and modified version of the original Telegram.

Latest Features

Telegram MOD APK (GB version) includes tons of new features and works well on both desktops and mobile devices as well as iOS and Android devices. If you want to share mb whatsapp ios apk, use anyshare. Here are a few of the most important and modified features, but obviously we can’t cover it all.

gb telegram mod apk download

  1. End-To-End Encryption

Our latest version is more secure and privacy-protected, as we have enhanced and integrated our End to End encryption technology in a professional manner to guarantee your privacy. This is the official km whatsapp apk, you can now download it from google play. While this technology also existed in previous versions, much more layers of protection have been added, which is why solid protection has been achieved.

  1. Illustrations

With the old version, there were few eye-catching graphics and no way to change the themes or modes, but now graphics are more interesting and creative and the latest graphics have been added.

  1. The interface that is simple to use

The interface of the Telegram GB version (MOD APK) is simple, yet effective, unlike other messaging applications. Other messaging apps use complex navigation and interfaces.

The developers behind GB Telegram MOD APK have created a very simple application with many features.

How to Install Telegram on iPhone?

Following are the steps to install Telegram Messenger on your iPhone.

  1. APK version of Telegram is available for download
  2. Click on the downloaded file
  3. Install by clicking the button
  4. Press the Start Messaging button
  5. Please provide a mobile number
  6. Use the OTTP method to confirm
  7. Installation complete

How to Install Telegram on PC?

gb telegram mod apk download

In order to run Telegram APK on PC, the following guide will show you how to install the latest version of GB Telegram MOD APK without having to harm and break existing files.

There are no limitations to the operating system it works with; it is compatible with Windows, Linux, Android, Macbook OS, etc.

  1. “Telegram MOD APK” can be downloaded by clicking the “Download Button”
  2. WinRAR should be used to extract the file
  3. Click on the executable file
  4. Please select a country
  5. Please enter your existing phone number
  6. OTTP Method Verification
  7. The installation is complete


Telegram APK can be used without hesitation and without any fear or confusion. Chat or message using this application on all major operating systems, including iOS, Linux, and Windows.

It also has two versions, professional and business, both of which have a simpler interface and more features than Whatsapp and Signals. Please do not panic and just simply install the Telegram APK since it is totally legal and safe to use in all countries.