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Download GB Whatsapp Apk Old Version for Android (Anti-Ban)

Modded Whatsapps are almost always accessed using mobile phones because they come with more features than the original version. There is a high demand for the old GB Whatsapp version. Hence, this article has been written for you.

Let’s get to the main point now that we have the download link.

GB Whatsapp Old Version Apk Download

We’ve tried almost every old version of Whatsapp. None of them work at the moment.

All Android phones are still capable of running it because of one old version.

Clearly, people are just downloading the apk file and not reading the article. However, you should read it in its entirety.

Besides explaining every feature of GB Whatsapp, this article will also guide you through installing this old version of Whatsapp

GB Whatsapp Installation

We recommend that you first make a backup of your GB Whatsapp chat in original Whatsapp in order to have all your messages there.

In WhatsApp*Settings*Chat*Backup, click on it to take a backup.

Install GB Whatsapp after taking a backup from the download button. During installation, if it shows unknown sources, you must enable it from the settings.

After the installation has been completed, this pop-up will appear.

By clicking the open button, you can open the file. It appears similar to WhatsApp in the screenshot.

You will be asked for access to all media, photos, and files on your mobile phone. If you want to share Nuevo whatsapp plus apk, use anyshare. You can accept or deny access.

The RESTORE button allows you to restore your data from a backup taken from your original Whatsapp. By clicking AGREE AND CONTINUE, you can proceed if you don’t agree.

I will select the second option since I do not want to look at my old chats on GB Whatsapp. A telephone number will be requested next.

A six-digit code will now be sent to the number you entered previously. Enter your name and click on Next to continue.

Your installation is now complete. We’ll go over what features you’ll receive with this Whatsapp in the following paragraphs.

GB Whatsapp Features List

GB Whatsapp Apk

With GB Whatsapp, users can communicate like never before. Isn’t it amazing?

There are four sections on the homepage of GB Whatsapp: chats, groups, status, and calls. Three lines appear in the top area, as well as the Whatsapp logo, flight mode, and dark/light mode.

When you turn on WhatsApp, it will be on flight mode just like the phone flight mode.

With the dark/light option, you can choose between dark and light modes. There is a dark mode and a light mode. Searching within GB Whatsapp is easy with the search button.

It also includes features such as New broadcast, Starred messages, and Message a number.

It does not matter whether the number is saved in your contact list or not, you can send a message or call it if you choose this option.

By clicking on the three lines, you can choose the message a number option. You can select to call or message any number.

There are a lot of useful features in this section that make modded apps better than the original WhatsApp app.

The section on privacy and security consists of two parts: privacy and security. In Privacy, you can customize your status, calls, chats, and privacy contacts, as well as manage privacy groups, broadcasts, and private contacts.

With hide online status, you can hide your last seen. It is possible to hide blue ticks, second ticks, blue microphones, typing, and recordings in privacy contacts, groups, and broadcasts.

If you select the call option, you can decide whether someone can call you or not. Additionally, a chat section is available where you can disable forwarded messages and prevent them from being deleted. Bm whatsapp ios apk download is mostly in Android mobiles. There is also a blue tick after the replay option.

When forwarded is disabled, messages can be resent without tags. Moreover, the Anti-delete message feature keeps others from deleting your messages.

Moreover, the blue tick option makes a blue tick appear after you reply to someone.

Following the status section are two sections, one of which has a hide view and the other has an anti-delete feature. When using hide view status, our view is hidden from other people’s status, and anti-delete displays how our view is deleted.

Then there is the security component. With the Whatsapp locks in this section, you can change the wallpaper for the background of the lock and enable/disable visibility and vibration of the password.

There are three ways to lock your GB Whatsapp if you forget the password.

The GB theme store offers a wide range of themes. Your GB Whatsapp can use any of them.

As you can see in the screenshot, the GB theme store has a large selection of themes.

Also, if you want more themes for Whatsapp, you can load and restore them in GB Whatsapp.

GB Whatsapp looks fantastic, however, when using the store’s themes.

Two options are available for modifying the screen layout. The home screen is the first, and the conversation screen is the second.

The first step is to customize the home screen.

In addition to changing the header, rows, floating action button, and status, you can also change the homepage layout.

Among the items on the Header, you can change the look of the Home UI, stories, the title of the Page, the color of the unread counter, the selected tab underline, and so on.

Row styles, colors of the text in the swiped row, names, and mentions can be customized, and online dots can be disabled or enabled.

A large number of colors are available for the floating action button. Custom buttons are also available. Also available are many options for customizing the status section.

The conversation screen can be customized in several ways. There are more options below each of these sections than the five types listed above, such as action bars, bubbles, ticks, photos, conversation entry style, etc.

By changing the color of the action bar, you can hide the contact profile picture, hide the name, and dial the contact. There are many configuration options available for the contact status, such as the ability to enable or disable it, the ability to change its background color, etc.

With the ticks style, bubbles style, and message text size options, you can change the color of things that fall under the Bubble and ticks category.

The Photos section contains chat contact photos, my chat photos, participant photos, my chat photo groups, chat picture sizes, and picture placements.

Choosing from 23 different styles and changing the color of anything on the conversation bar is possible with the conversation entry style. Further customization is possible with many other options.

It is only the modded Whatsapps that have the features that make them superior to the originals.

The status of any of your contacts can also be downloaded in addition to viewing their delete status and messages.

They can also download their profile picture by dialing their phone number. Moreover, a pop-up shows who is online and shows their status.

Additionally, high-quality videos, images, and gifs can be uploaded and sent. WhatsApp’s ability to hide media and chat is one of its best features.

Final Words

Every page of GB Whatsapp describes its features. However, GBWhatsapp boasts a wide range of features. GB Whatsapp will be reviewed in-depth in this article.

GB Whatsapp should have sufficient information for any user. We welcome any questions you may have or suggestions you may have in the comment section. You can reach us at any time.