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Google Account Manager 6.0.1 Apk for Android Free Download

Google Account Manager 6.0.1 Apk for Android is a small, free and simple Android application for storing and managing Google Account credentials on Android devices running Android 6.0. Users often use it to bypass the FRP lock on their FRP-protected smartphones by switching Google accounts. Throughout the following topics, I demonstrate how to use Google Account Manager 6.0.1 Apk to unlock your Android phone from FRP.

Android 6.0 marshmallow API23 and higher version phone users can install Google Account Manager GAM 6.0.1 APK for free. Xoee mod apk is mostly used in Android mobiles. Download Google Account Manager 6.0.1 APK here, if you need all versions.

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Every latest version of Android comes with Google’s new FRP feature. Factory reset protection can be summed up as FRP and it focuses on protecting Android users’ personal information, particularly when their phones are stolen. With each new Android version and phone, the process of unlocking FRP security varies. For this reason, it’s vital to keep the Gmail account information handy to avoid FRP protection locking.

When you set up your first Google Account on your Android Phone, FRP is turned on automatically. The Google account verification lock on your Samsung phone can be bypassed by logging into your Google account after your Samsung phone has been reset without removing the Google account.

Then you cannot access your phone unless the GMAIL ID Password is verified. You will be asked for the password of your Gmail ID if your phone has FRP locked. To deactivate FRP on an Android security patch phone, you need to go to Google Account Manager APK and use any FRP tool or app.

Download Google Account Manager 6.0 – 6.1 APK Direct Free

Package Name:com.google.android.gsf.login
Target:Android 6
API Version:API23

How to bypass FRP using Google Account Manager 6.0 -6.1 APK (GAM)

  • In order to download the Google Account Manager app (GAM.apk), you must use the Chrome browser
  • Install the Google Account Manager GAM .apk by tapping on Next => Install => Done, then go to Downloads and tap on Google Account Manager GAM.apk
  • Please visit https://tiny.cc/frptools in your web browser.
  • You can download the FRP_Bypass.apk and install it.
  • Activate FRP_Bypass.apk
  • From the top right corner, tap the “3 dots”
  • Sign in with a browser
  • Log in with your Google ID & password
  • Your Android phone needs to be restarted
  • Setup all the initial steps
  • A message appears saying Account Added, which indicates FRP or Google Account bypass has been successful.
  • That’s all.

With every Android phone and version, the FRP Unlock process becomes more and more challenging. You can also learn more how to download the Technocare apk on google and in our website. Therefore, to unlocked your FRP-locked phone you must use the chrome browser to download the FRP Bypass APK and the Google Account Manager.

Here are all methods for bypassing FRP on Android: All Android FRP Bypass Methods

FRP tool, R3 Bypass FRP tool, or any other free FRP bypass tool to bypass the FRP lock on your device.