Google Pixel 6a factory images and OTAs are available now

Admin, Friday, July 29, 2022
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Ryan Haines / Android Authority

tl; DR

  • The first factory images and OTAs for the newly released Google Pixel 6a are now available for download.
  • The images also confirm that the phone bears the internal codename ‘Blugay’.
  • The first update for the phone will be released in early August.

After months of previews and leaks, the Google Pixel 6a is officially available to the general public. Besides its release, some budget smartphone owners can now download factory images directly from Google.

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Pictures (via 9to5Google) on Android 12.1 and called “June 2022”. It is mainly intended for owners who want to restore their phones to the original condition if they encounter any problems. The images are currently for Verizon and Verizon MVNO phones, along with those of Japan-based wireless carriers. We will update this post when more images are released for other versions of phones.

9to5Google It also mentioned that the first Pixel 6a software update will come with the Pixel August security release, which should happen as soon as next week. Another interesting thing is that factory images confirm that the Google Pixel 6a’s internal code name was “bluejay”

Google IO 2022 Pixel 6a Green

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