Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype leaks on Twitter

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Google Pixel 7 Pro Prototype Hero


  • A Twitter user posted photos of a Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype.
  • The story of how the user obtained the prototype is questionable at best.
  • There is also an image of the prototype in the Pixel 6 Pro’s case to show the differences.

The next round of Google flagships will likely land in October. However, we already got an early look at it from Google itself. Today, though, we have a different kind of look.

thanks for the Tweet embed On Twitter, we have what appears to be a Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype. The phone has the usual prototype of the Google logo on the back of the phone where the regular “G” logo would be. Even the phone’s software strongly suggests that it’s a Pixel 7 Pro prototype.

Check out the pictures below:

Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype

One cannot help but wonder: how could anyone get a prototype like this? According to the leaker, his “friend” obtained it via Facebook Marketplace. This friend ordered a Pixel 6 Pro and got it instead.

This is clearly a made-up story, almost certainly. Regardless, this appears to be a legitimate Google Pixel 7 Pro prototype, so how it got it is irrelevant.

In the first photo on the left, you can see the entire back of the prototype. The middle image shows device information, with CUBOT, “cheetah” and “tiramisu” all code words and references to the Pixel 7 Pro and Google’s development protocols.

Finally, on the right, you have the prototype in the Google Pixel 6 Pro case. As you can see, the camera placement is completely different, so it’s unlikely that Pixel 6 cases will fit the Pixel 7.

If history teaches us anything, there will be more leaks like this coming over the next few months. stay tuned

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