Google’s Game Dashboard may soon no longer be a Pixel phone exclusive

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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game dashboard
  • Game Dashboard, a feature added in Android 12 for Pixel phones, may expand to other Android devices.
  • This is hinted at in the new Google system updates change log.
  • It is not yet clear when this will happen or on what device.

When Android 12 was released in 2021, it added a new feature, Game Dashboard. With just one grip, it’s currently only available for Google’s Pixel phones. Now there’s evidence that we could see this feature expand to more Android devices.

The same feature creates an overlay on top of any games you play on your Pixel phone. It allows you to quickly access higher performance from your phone, rather than saving performance for battery life. It also provides a quick way to livestream your gameplay via YouTube, as well as quickly access your Google Play achievements and more. in a new way Changelog in Google Systems Update (Across Android Police), the Game Dashboard states, “Available on select devices running Android T.”

Exactly what that means is still up in the air. according to Android PoliceThe newly launched Pixel 6a will get Game Dashboard support when it gets updated to Android 13, which may come sometime in early August. Other than that, we have no more information about extending this feature. We hope to get some clarification soon.

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