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Download GPS Map Camera Lite Pro Mod Apk (Free) Latest Version 2022

By sharing your geolocation photos, you can share more about your Earth travel memories with your loved ones. You can add Datetime, Map, Latitude, Longitude, Altitude, Weather, Magnetic field, Compass to your camera photos regardless of whether you are taking a travel snapshot or a visit to a particular location.

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How to add GPS map location on photos?

  • You can add GPS location tags to your photos and geotag them with the GPS location application for your smartphone. If you want to share vsco photo amp video editor apk, use anyshare
  • With GPS map location stamps, you can select advanced or classic templates, customize stamp formats, and adjust settings as needed
  • Each picture you click will be marked with the GPS location

Interesting Features of GPS Map Camera Mod Apk:

  • You can build your own custom cameras with grids, ratios, front and selfie cameras, flashlights, focus mirrors, timers, and capture sound devices
  • Map data can be automatically or manually selected
  • The stamp details are automatically retrieved from the Classic Template

➤ In Advance Template:

  1. Classic, Satellite, Terrain, or Hybrid maps are available
  2. The address on the image can be customized by selecting Manual or Automatic
  3. You can choose to use DMS or decimal coordinates for GPS
  4. Various formats can be used to add time and date to images
  5. Design your brand’s logo
  6. Note what’s important
  7. It is also possible to add hashtags to your photos
  8. Fahrenheit vs. Celsius: How to Measure Temperature
  9. Compass directions: Using an automatic compass
  10. A detailed description of an automobile’s magnetic field
  11. You can measure the wind’s speed by measuring the wind’s speed
  12. Humidity can be measured automatically
  13. How to measure pressure: Measure the pressure where it is needed
  14. Calculate the altitude using the program
  15. Auto-accuracy: Automatically obtain image accuracy

Why have a GPS Map Camera Application on Your Smartphone?

  • ➝While clicking, you will get a satellite map stamp on your photos
  • ➝ For adding GPS location stamps to photos
  • ➝ Geotagging and date stamping to make targeted clicks
  • ➝ Use a geotagging camera to find a photo’s location at a single location
  • ➝ In order to add a Date Timestamp that does both timestamping and date stamping
  • ➝ Easily stamps GPS data onto photos using this GPS note camera
  • ➝ Stamp photos with Longitude, Latitude, Address, Date, and Location

Utilize as GPS tracker on Photos

  • ➝ Using a simple GPS camera to get location stamps
  • ➝ Custom stamps for manually adding details to the camera timestamp

Most Efficient Application For Following Groups of People:

  • ➥ This app can be used by anyone who wants to add GPS data to their photos as a GPS notecam.
  • ➥ People who attend outstation meetings, conferences, conclaves, meetups, and events arranged by a company or institution to solve a particular problem
  • ➥ The GPS Map Camera can provide a GPS location to travel, food, fashion, and art bloggers
  • ➥ Businesses that require you to send live images with live location information to clients
  • ➥ Geo-tagging cameras can be useful for travelers and explorers
  • ➥ Photographs of sites related to real estate, infrastructure, and architecture can be easily geotagged with GPS location information
  • ➥ Destination celebrations of events such as weddings, birthdays, festivals, anniversaries, etc.

With GPS Map Camera: Geotag Photos & Add GPS Location, you can now experiment with these Interesting Features.

App Reviews:

“Good application. There are, however, a few points to consider: 1. Sometimes the app runs very slowly. 2. The app does not take a picture every time it is clicked. It has to be clicked multiple times for the picture to be taken. 3. It would be much better if a default small text string could be added (e.g., the name of the person taking the image). By Devesh Kumar Singhal

It’s a great app for what I need it for. It is easy to use, supports different formats for timestamps, and highlights the moment from weather to position of latitude and longitude. A few ads are included. Also, the map shows you exactly where you are on the map. I have no need for the pro version. Especially useful if you’re photographing security details. Thank you so much!””much!””much!”” James Woodard

The client requires sequential file names for inspection, which is why I like this app. If you a going to other place then download the gps map camera pro apk. I would like to see the following improvements: 1. It would be nice if the user could choose not to put a stamp on the picture or to make the stamps a lot smaller. This would make the picture more visible. 2. When you leave your cell open in your pocket, you don’t want the settings to change accidentally. 3. To hear the “click” sound when taking pictures outside, make it louder. By David Dionne

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