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GSM Samrani APK Download [100% FRP Bypass Android]

GSM Samrani APK can be used to bypass FRP lock from your Android device if you have forgotten your Gmail email and password.

NameGSM Samrani APK
PublisherGSM Samrani
GenreFRP Bypass
Size28 MB
RequiredAndroid 5.0 and above
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Update2 days ago

Got locked out of your Google account because you forgot your username or password? Do not worry, there is a simple solution to your problem with GSM Samrani APK. Your Android device can be unlocked easily by using this Android application.

You are now about to find out, How to unlock FRP on Google Account using GSM Samrani APK. Android’s FRP lock prevents others from accessing your data. When you log in for the first time using your Google Account, FRP is automatically activated. However, sometimes you might want to disable FRP Google Account verification. You can greatly benefit from this Android shareware application in this situation. The MI Account Unlock Tool can be used if you own an MI device for FRP Bypass.

GSM Samrani APK Features

There are many great features in GSM Samrani APK.

1. Cost-free

Free access is its most appealing feature. The verification lock can be removed without spending a single penny. FRP bypass apps will gain more installs as a result of this feature. The version with captcha and limited speed does not gain as many installs.

2. Premium Version

There is no comparison between the free and paid versions. Captchas are not required and speeds are unlimited. It is possible to download directly, and restricted files can be accessed.

3. Android compatibility

Android Gingerbread, Android Ice Cream Sandwich, and Android Jelly Bean are all compatible with this app.

4. SP flash compatible

As an additional benefit, it is compatible with older versions of SP Flash.

5. Easy to use

You can use it even if you are a beginner with the easy-to-follow instructions.

6. Refrain from involving third parties

The FRP lock can be removed without any external tool. The FRP unlock file must be downloaded for your Android device.

Here’s how to use GSM Samrani APK

  1. Visit our website to download GSM Samrani APK.
  2. Installing from unknown sources should be enabled.
  3. Then install the GSM Samrani APK on your device.
  4. Access your phone’s settings to backup and reset it.
  5. You can reset or delete your files by clicking Factory data, then clicking Reset or Delete.
  6. The Google account and all files will be wiped during a reset.
  7. Now that your new phone is FRP-free, you can use it.

Frequently Asked Question

How safe is it to use this application?

You can use it safely, yes. It has already been used by thousands of people.

GSM Samrani APK is it free to download?

Purchasing it won’t cost you anything, and you can download it for free.

Which methods are available for removing FRP locks?

The FRP verification lock can be unlocked in thousands of ways. Romfast apk are very unique and useful for people Knowing how it works is all that is required.

Does this App work with high-end Android devices?

Since it requires relatively little memory, it can be used or installed on any Android device.


It is a handy shareware software tool that unlocks the FRP Google Account Verification. It gives users access to their Android devices. The application is easy to use, does not require any additional software support, and offers data protection. The RootJunky APK for FRP Bypass is also similar to this.