Download Hacker Simulator: Tycoon Online Mod APK (Unlimited Money)

The “Hacker Simulator” enables players to learn the skills of sophisticated computer users and experience the benefits of the Internet while keeping their privacy intact. They will need to make money from startups as well as avoid breaking local and international laws. 

Over time, accepting requests from the same people, anonymous ones who are interested in a certain region. Now it really gets interesting. It will be necessary to address hacks, penetrations, and thefts of information next.

Interested in gaining control of the hacker world? Find out how massive DDoS attacks can be carried out! You can earn bitcoins by completing orders, improving your rating, and improving your rating! Eliminate all suspicions at work by restoring your anonymity!

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Make viruses and spread them throughout the world! Should we walk the edge, avoiding antivirus companies’ notice, or should we develop the programs unnoticed and hope for rapid distribution? The choice is yours!

As you play, you will encounter a variety of text situations that will keep you entertained for quite some time.

Hacking phones or intercepting cookies is up to you. Nevertheless, your hacker rating is negatively impacted by too little anonymity.

Want to earn more bitcoins or accelerate the progress of the game? Make your startup better! You can boost your game advantage significantly with four branches of development. Also, you can upgrade your bitcoin farm to increase profit in the game.

The game features a number of storylines. Once you’ve completed all the storylines, you’ll be immersed in the realm of hackers and geeks.

Are you still interested in reading the game description? Your competitors are setting new records! After reaching the top of the leaderboard, you will become the king of hackers!


  • A blockchain-hacking storyline and a social networking storyline!
  • The Course screen has been slightly redesigned;
  • The following translations have been released: French, German, and Portuguese!
  • Hotbar icons have been refreshed.

Game Review:

Download Hacker Simulator

Yes, that’s right! The easiest way to make your enemies cry is by picking a hack. Then watch them stare at you. I’m gonna play it every day” By S Blackwell

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It is a fantastic game, where everything can be played for free. Well done you have created a game that deserves to be praised. The 5 STAAR’S by Udontkknowme pixels

Despite liking it, it is a bit confusing and hard to understand… I like it, but it could be improved. By Toy Cat FazCat

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