Hands-on video shows LG’s dead Rollable phone

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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What you need to know

  • YouTube Short showed off a proposed old LG Rollable in action.
  • We are able to see how the rolling function works.
  • The video also shows how the user interface would have changed when it was introduced.

A new video has appeared about the proposed old LG Rollable (Opens in a new tab). The short video gives us a hands-on demonstration of how the phone will work with our hands if the device is launched.

The video was uploaded as a file short youtube (Opens in a new tab) It shows the phone in action with some interesting parts about its functionality. A foldable phone, in its normal state, will have a toolbar on its right side. While the video is playing, we see the person tap “full” at the top of the bar. This starts the phone’s rotation feature, allowing it to expand like a small tablet. It’s worth noting how the phone’s user interface changes depending on its rolled state. As a regular phone, everything looks the same today. But as it expands, the top status bar and home buttons go down.

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