Here’s when you charge your wearable

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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We generally have different habits when it comes to charging our smartphones, some prefer charging overnight while others prefer charging when the phone is completely dead. But what about charging a wearable device?

Well, we wondered when you charged your fitness tracker or smartwatch; Ask this question in our featured poll on Monday to find out the answer. That’s what you told us.

When do you charge your wearable device?


More than 1,400 votes were counted in the poll, and it turns out that two choices stand out above all. The most popular choice was “when you die or about to die,” with 36% of respondents choosing this option. Meanwhile, 30% of readers surveyed said they charged their wearable device overnight.

Approaching the top three was “in the morning”, which accounts for 16% of the vote. However, it just outperformed the “other” option, with 15% of the vote. Reader comments make it clear that “other” could mean charging while doing other things (like taking a shower), charging it for a few hours in the evening, or charging it when it reaches a certain percentage of battery.

Finally, only 3% of readers surveyed said they charge their device after a workout.


  • Jeff Gordon: I charge it while I shower or brush my teeth and shave
  • Michael Reed: I charge the Galaxy Watch 4 in the morning while getting ready for work or work when needed and a few minutes at night while watching TV. I also use it to track sleep so it should last all night. I don’t like the battery life but maybe the 5 o’clock would be better.
  • Qusay Zamzam: My watch (Xiaomi mi watch) usually consumes 8-10% per day, so I charge it once a week when it gets to 20 or 15% (I usually take it off when I study or fall asleep, so that’s the perfect time to charge it he-she)
  • Sad_Linus_Guy: I charge my Galaxy Watch Active when it’s less than 15%
  • survey: I charge my Galaxy Watch 4 in the morning and evening because I use it to track sleep. Battery life is pretty bad though
  • KazeOne: Charging while showering and getting ready, this is the last thing I wear. 👍 Fitbit Charge 5 with almost 2 weeks on a single charge
  • Bradafone: My smartwatch lasts 10-14 days, so why do I charge it every night? Huawei GT2.
  • Matthew Anderson: I have a Fitbit Versa 2 and I charge it when I shower and get ready every day. I don’t think it gets under 65% battery, and it charges quickly. I have normal brightness, I have everything all the time, except for turning off the AOD at bedtime and turning it on again in the morning. I will definitely be upgrading to a newer version of Versa or maybe Sense in the future.
  • Brandon Jackson: I charge mine pretty much as soon as I get home and turn it back on to monitor sleep. I do this every day so I never have to worry about a low battery.

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