How to change your World Level in Genshin Impact

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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If you reach Global Level 5 in Genshin Impact, you may notice that you can lower your Global Level. You can only lower your global level by one, and if you want to go back to the proper global level, you have to wait at least 24 hours. Lowering the global level allows you to play the game more comfortably. Creeps – or monsters that appear within the game world – will spawn at a lower level, which means you can defeat them more quickly. If you haven’t maxed out all of your characters, lowering your global level allows you to use lower level characters to clear content. Let’s review how to change your global level in Genshin Impact.

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short answer

To change global levels in Genshin Impact, open a file Paimon menu. select file I The button next to the global level> Underworld level / Back to the global level.

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How to lower your global level in the Jinshin Effect

Once you reach Adventure Rank 40 – or “AR40” – you can increase your maximum global level to 5. Once you reach global level 5, you have the option to lower your global level by one.

You should be able to raise or lower your global level as you wish. If you can’t do that, so can you in calming time or Did not reach world level 5. What do we mean by calm? Well, after lowering your world level, you cannot lower it after one more stage. In addition, there is a slowdown period; After lowering your world level, you must wait at least 24 hours before you can raise it back to the normal world level.

To lower your global level, launch the game on your desktop or mobile phone and enter Paimon menu.

Go to paimon . menu

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Under the Paimon menu, select File I Next to the world class.

Click on World Level Information

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In the Worldwide box, select Underworld level To lower your current global level by one stage. If you have already dropped the world level and waited at least 24 hours, this button will read Back to the global levelAnd you can use it to raise your global level.

lowest level in the world

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adventure rank site

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Tips and tricks

Confused about the Adventure (AR) rating you need to reach a certain world level? Let’s clarify exactly which AR corresponds to higher global levels:

  • AR1 = global level 0
  • AR20 = world level 1
  • AR25 = World Level 2 (You must clear Ascension quest 1)
  • AR30 = world level 3
  • AR35 = World Level 4 (You must clear the Ascension quest 2)
  • AR40 = world level 5
  • AR45 = World Level 6 (You must clear the Ascension quest 3)
  • AR50 = World Level 7 (You must clear Ascension Quest 4)
  • AR55 = world level 8

Make sure to clear all available Archon’s questionsAnd the Story QuestionsAnd the world missionsAnd the Committees To gain as much adventurous experience as possible. You also have to filter all the weekly bosses to gain more adventure experience in the week.

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