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How to hide blue tick, double tick, and last seen on GBWhatsapp?

You will have to hide the blue tick and double tick after reading a message from someone, if you don’t want to tell him that you have read his message. You will learn how to hide blue tick, double tick, last seen, as well as many other features in this article.

How do I hide the blue tick on GBWhatsapp?

When the message is blue, it has been seen. The blue tick option must be hidden if you want to show that you have not seen the message.

  • Start by downloading and installing the latest version of GBWhatsapp or an older version.
  • At the top right corner, tap the three lines.
  • In the pop-up window, click on GB Settings > Privacy and security > Contacts.
  • The Contacts section now has five options.
  • Restart the app after clicking hide blue ticks.

What is the best way to hide your online status on GBWhatsapp?

You can hide your online status when sending a message to someone who doesn’t want to see your status. The following setting will hide your status.

  • Click the three dots in the top right corner of the app.
  • To hide your online status, go to Privacy and select Hide Online Status.
  • You will need to restart the app to apply the changes.

What are the steps for freezing last seen on GBWhatsapp?

If you want to freeze last seen on GBWhatsapp, follow these steps

  • Go to the settings in the app
  • Now tap on Privacy in the account settings
  • The “everyone” option should be selected.
  • Select the Hide Online Status option in GB Setting >Privacy and Security.

What is the best way to hide double ticks?

Your message has been sent when a double tick appears. You can hide double tick and remain online, however, by configuring your app as follows.

  • Click on the three lines under your app’s top right corner.
  • Go to the GB Settings
  • Click on Privacy and security
  • Tap the Contacts tab
  • You can now hide the second tick by choosing this option.

On GBWhatsapp, how do you set up auto-reply messages?

Use the step-by-step guide to enable auto-reply.

  • Tap on the vertical 3 lines
  • Choose the GB setting
  • To enable auto-reply messages, click the Auto-Reply Message button
  • You can now click on the +icon located at the bottom left corner of the page
  • Multiple options are available for setting an auto-reply message.

What is the best way to tell if someone is online on GBWhatsapp?

Follow these steps to see who is online on GBWhatsapp. Online toast notifications are also available.

  • Tap the vertical three dots icon
  • Go to GBWhatsapp settings
  • Navigate to the Home Screen
  • The Disable online contact toast option will now appear
  • If someone is online, you will receive a notification.

GBWhatsapp Themes – How do I change them?

  • Click on the three dots
  • Click here to visit Alexmod
  • Click Download themes on the themes page
  • The theme of your choice can now be downloaded and installed

What is the procedure for changing the GBWhatsapp icon?

Here are the steps to change GBWhatsapp’s icon

  • Go to GBWhatsapp settings by clicking the three dots
  • Activate the Universal setting
  • To access the Launcher icons, go to Styles
  • Restart the app after selecting your desired icon.

What are the options for changing font styles in GBWhatsApp?

The font style can be changed

  • Open Alexmods by tapping the three dots
  • Activate the Universal setting
  • Choose a font style from the styles menu
  • Restart the app after selecting your preferred font

GBWhatsapp Dark Mode: How to enable it?

Activate dark mode

  • Go to GB Settings by clicking on 3 lines
  • Click on Download themes to open the themes
  • Install the “yohangoutsdark theme” by scrolling down and clicking it