How to link and unlink Facebook to Instagram

Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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If you created your Instagram account with an email address, you may not have linked it to your Facebook account. Facebook is not a service that everyone uses, but it is very easy to link it to Instagram for whoever uses it. Both are subsidiaries of their parent company Meta, so they are deeply integrated and share many of the same features. For all of you who haven’t already, let’s move on to how to connect Instagram to Facebook.

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To link Instagram to Facebook, open Instagram and go to your profile page. Faucet menu (≡) > Settings > Account Center > Set up the accounts center > Add a Facebook account. Log in with your Facebook account and choose what you want to sync between the two accounts.

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How to connect your Facebook account to Instagram

Things have changed since Facebook is dead. If you want to link Instagram and Facebook accounts, you will need to use the Meta Accounts Center.

From your Instagram profile, tap menu (≡) button in the upper right corner. After that, press Settings.

Locate accounts center within instagram

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Under Settings, locate File Account Center button under dead. press Set up the accounts center Inside the account center then Add a Facebook account. You will be redirected to the Facebook login page where you must log in to the Facebook account you wish to link to.

When prompted, tap contact on behalf of [your Facebook name].

Contact yourself for redirect

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Finish setting up your account center. You can choose to sync your name and profile. when you press CompleteIt will link your Instagram and Facebook accounts together.

Sync your name and profile picture from Facebook

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How to separate your Facebook account from Instagram

If you want to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram, go back to the Accounts Center by opening a file food menu By clicking on button in the upper right corner of your Instagram profile. From there, tap Settings > Account Center.

Locate accounts center within instagram

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From Accounts and ProfilesClick on the button that shows your name and associated accounts. On the next page, click on your Facebook account.

Find your instagram profile linked to profile center

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Choose Remove from Account Center. The following confirmation pages say pretty much the same thing, ensuring that you actually want to remove your Facebook account from the Meta Accounts Center. press Complete > Removal [insert your Facebook name here].

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questions and answers

If you link your Instagram account to Facebook, you can cross-post between Facebook and Instagram.

Yes, you can easily run Instagram from within Facebook.

Not automatically. However, you can choose the Share to Facebook option from the New Post screen whenever you create a new Instagram post.

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