How to unlock an iPhone if you forgot the passcode

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Locking your iPhone is a must if you want to keep your data safe from hackers and other curious important people. But if you forgot your iPhone passcode, your day suddenly becomes more difficult. After six failed attempts to enter the passcode, Apple disabled the iPhone for a certain period of time with the error message “Try again in 1 minute” or “Connect to iTunes”. The only way to unlock iPhone without passcode is the way you hoped we wouldn’t say.

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If you forgot the iPhone passcode, the only way to unlock the phone is to erase the contents of the phone. This will also remove the passcode. You can then back up from iCloud or back up to your computer, or start the phone over again. SIM Lock and Find My iPhone will still be on, even though the thief is prevented from using this method to bypass the passcode to sell the phone.

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The solution to unlock your iPhone without passcode

Forgot disabled iphone passcode connect to itunes

Unfortunately, if you end up with “iPhone disabled, connect to iTunes” or “iPhone disabled, try again in a minute”, the only Apple-approved way to regain access to a locked phone is to erase the contents and restore from a backup. This will also remove the iPhone passcode, allowing you to set a new one. This may sound like using a nuclear bomb to dig a hole in a field, but it’s the only way to protect your valuable data from prying eyes.

If you have a backup, all is well and good. Simply restore the phone from backup, add a new passcode, and go about your day. But if you don’t have a backup? Well, you will have to start the phone from scratch and remember to start making daily iPhone backups. It’s going to be bad, but it’s still better than dropping a small fortune, which you may not be able to afford, on a new phone.

Think carefully before paying for third-party apps

3rd party app unlock iphone forgot passcode

Many third-party apps, which can be easily found through a Google search, may claim to be able to hack iPhone security without wiping the phone. However, these methods cannot be verified or approved by Android salad. You may void your iPhone’s warranty, and success will not be 100% guaranteed.

Law enforcement may have other equipment, but if you’re a regular civilian, it’s probably illegal to have it. If the method we have specified does not work, it is best to go to an Apple Store or authorized Apple dealer and ask them for help.

There are three ways to wipe your phone. Choose the person you feel most comfortable with.

Connect your iPhone to iTunes

restore from itunes

If you have iTunes installed on your Windows PC, this might be the easiest way to bypass the passcode. Just connect your device to your computer and wait for it to appear on iTunes. Then click File iPhone reset button. This will wipe the phone and give you the option to use a backup or start from factory settings.

If you are using a Mac computer, then instead of iTunes, you can use the Finder. Connect your iPhone to your Mac and wait for the iPhone to appear in the Finder sidebar. The Finder interface is the same as that of iTunes and Restores The option is the same as well.

Sign in to iCloud Find My iPhone

icloud wipe iphone remotely

The second option is to go to Find my iPhone on iCloud And wipe the phone from there. You usually do this if your phone is stolen and you need to wipe it remotely. But there is nothing saying that you cannot do this to erase a locked iPhone if you forgot the passcode. Obviously, you will need your iCloud details to use this method.

Use recovery mode

The third method is to put your phone in recovery mode. First, turn off the phone (turn it off properly, not sleep mode). Then put it into recovery mode, depending on your iPhone model.

In each case, you will hold down the button with your finger until you see this screen.

Forgot iphone recovery mode passcode

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

Release your finger and connect your iPhone to iTunes or Finder. You will get a choice Modernization or Restores.

Restore iPhone Update Forgot Passcode

Choose Restores, and the phone will return to factory settings. You can then either use a backup or start the phone over.

What to do after you erase and reset your iPhone

iphone passcode options

Once you erase and reset your iPhone, using one of the three methods above, you will have to set up the phone again from scratch. Use a backup or start from scratch.

You also need to add a new passcode. go to the Settings-> Face ID & Passcode And set up a new passcode. By default, it will ask you four numbers, but you can easily expand it by clicking passcode options.

Whatever you do, don’t walk around with an unlocked phone. Otherwise, if the phone is lost or stolen, you will have bigger things to worry about than a locked phone and no passcode.

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questions and answers

go to the Settings->Face ID & Passcode->Change Passcode. Enter the current passcode first, then enter the new passcode twice.

When you go to change the passcode, there will be a link called passcode options. By clicking on that, you will be given the option to change the passcode to make it longer, or use letters and numbers.

when you go to Settings-> Face ID & PasscodeThere is an option to turn off the passcode. You will have to enter your current passcode to turn it off.

Yes, if you are unable to do any of the following methods described in this article, an Apple Store or authorized Apple dealer can help you. But they will want to see proof that you own the phone because they obviously won’t want to help a thief get into a stolen phone. Try to bring the original phone receipt, photo ID with your address, the phone’s IMEI number (if you know it) and anything else useful.

No, there is no other known method. Some third-party recovery apps may claim to use another method, but you should consider these apps carefully and view their claims with a pinch of salt. Using them may also make your iPhone warranty invalid.

This means that you made a lot of unsuccessful login attempts on your iPhone and that Apple has disabled it for security purposes. The only way to get back is to connect iPhone to iTunes on an authorized computer and restore the phone’s operating system. You can then either restore from a backup or start the phone over in factory settings.

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