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Hustle Castle Mod APK Download Latest Version 2022 for Android

Here you can download the Hustle Castle v1.40.0 modified Apk that has all the unlockable features (unlimited money, gems, etc). You can get the latest version from eagleapk. Rule over a real medieval castle as the new king! Become the lord and master of your own castle. A medieval fantasy RPG awaits you! Adding new dwellers, assigning them duties, and upgrading your RPG kingdom are great ways to upgrade your RPG kingdom!

When you take control of your entire castle in Hustle Castle, you will live the luxurious and interesting life of a medieval noble lord. It will be up to you to build an entire castle from scratch. Make more and more servants come to your land, welcome them to your castle, and hire them to work for you to expand your economy.

As you build up your castle as tall and as large as you can in Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom, gamers are introduced to an in-depth gameplay experience. You can build all kinds of contraptions inside your big old castle as you defy the laws of physics. Expand your castle and unlock new features.

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Gameplay is similar to the famous Fallout Shelter game on your mobile device. In this app, you get to build your own castle. Make sure that you hire loyal servants to collect resources for you.

Increase the height and perimeter of your castle with the money you’ve earned to create more rooms inside. Gather people from all walks of life inside. Learn the secrets of your castle for yourself.

Participate in many fun medieval activities including farming, crafting, and exploring the wilds. Your castle should be well-prepared to withstand any enemy attacks, so do all you can to develop it.


The following are some of the exciting features of this game:

Discover a fantasy medieval world in a massive campaign

Players will be introduced to an array of fantasy medieval creatures and activities in Hustle Castle that they have always wanted to do. Immerse yourself in an engaging storyline with addictive gameplay.

Fight for your cause against multiple enemies in the vast world of Hustle Castle. Take on a variety of missions involving giant trolls, evil orcs, scarier skeletons, funny ghosts, and so on. Make use of your magical abilities to fight them off. Slay the dragon that haunts the lands and be the heroes.

Defend your epic castle against the enemy’s attacks

You’ll need to upgrade your castle constantly to meet the needs of your growing population in this base builder game. Create the greatest castle in the realm by challenging all heights and perimeters boundaries.

Castles can be built with a variety of rooms. Build research facilities, lodging for your villagers, training facilities, and crafting facilities for your new equipment. In Hustle Castle, there is always something to build.

Improve your power by upgrading and training the villagers

Players in Hustle Castle will find themselves very close to their servants and villagers since they can see all their daily activities. They can be assigned tasks like collecting resources for the castle, building rooms, performing academic research and even training to be a warrior.

Make your own villagers, customize them to your liking, teach them different skills that would make them more capable, and give them new equipment. Become the king of all townsmen.

Make sure the villagers’ lives are taken care of

As long as they work without grudges for you, it’s only normal for you to take care of them. If you wish to protect your children from outside dangers, you can first give them a safe, cozy room inside your castle. Additionally, give them enough food that they will stay full for a long time.

You will also need to provide entertainment for your villagers. It is therefore important that you provide them with a playground in a room of your home. You will need a private place for your villagers to “repopulate” and relax.

Engage in exciting battles with your opponents

In addition, getting resources and building castles isn’t all there is to the game. You are going on a great adventure. In Hustle Castle, players will have the opportunity to explore large realms. Take on lords and monsters from all over the world in Hustle Castle to prove that you are the greatest lord.

You can earn new resources by completing exciting missions. Strengthen your castle and armies using these resources. Your villagers will follow you obediently if you give them a sumptuous life. Make your population and powers grow.

Take part in the online game mode and compete with other lords

Players will be able to take the competition online to make the game even more exciting and challenging. As you battle and train with other great lords from around the world, you’ll learn how to develop your abilities.

Support your friends in their times of need by joining coalitions with them. Get your hands on their loot when you plunder your opponents.

Play for free

In the current version of the game, Android users can play the game for free, and installing it on their devices is quite tempting. It’s like having a chance to play one of the best mobile games on your portable device without spending a dime. Have a strong management system in place for an entire castle and its residents. If needed, consult your phone. It will feel like you’re at home.

With our mods, you have unlimited access

The game, however, does have some in-app purchases and advertisements that might bother you. Installing our mod on your devices would thus be a great idea. Our Hustle Castle Mod APK is very easy to install. We will unlock all the in-game content for you if you follow our instructions.

Visual and sound quality


Game graphics are simple and exciting, making it impossible to put the game down. Animated characters with realistic facial expressions make the game even more enjoyable. There are many details in the large 2D world that makes the game even more enjoyable.

You and your enemies will engage in thrilling and hilarious combats using weird weapons. Release a number of skills that will result in a mushroom-shaped explosion and a bunch of fog.


Players will feel relaxed during their journey in Hustle Castle thanks to the peaceful and cheerful soundtrack. You’ll be transported to a fantasy medieval era. Engage in everyday activities.

Suddenly, the soundtracks become more aggressive as you engage in battle. As a result, you become more willing to engage in combat. It is therefore highly addictive.

Download Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom Mod latest 1.46.0 Android APK

The in-depth gameplay in Hustle Castle will appeal to players. You should build your own castle, rule over your people, and be a worthy master. Send your guards into battle in order to gather resources to help the people. Make their lives easier by showing them a better way of life. Become the best lord in Hustle Castle by competing against the others.

Technical Information:

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How to download Hustle Castle Mod hacked version 2021?

  • You can get the modded apk by clicking the download button.
  • The Apk file should be saved
  • Install the Apk after you have downloaded it
  • After installing the game, you can play it

What’s New in the Latest Version?

  • Hustle Castle is hosting a grand event soon! You’re in for a huge variety of rewards with The Great Samurai Challenge.
  • During the “Great Challenge” event, the duration was shortened, but it has also undergone major improvements.
  • Arena access is now available from level 3 of the Throne Room, and algorithms for choosing participants have been improved.
  • Gem Bay will host the Pirate League.
  • Discover these innovations and many more in the game!