iOS 16 beta – how to install it on your iPhone or iPad

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Once again, Apple has released the next version of its operating system to the public. After giving it away to developers, now it’s people like you and me to download the first iOS 16 beta, check out new features, tinker with it, and do our best to crack it. Assuming you like that sort of thing, of course — high-end, untested features aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, and the instability this will bring to your device means you’re installing the iOS 16 beta at your own risk. If you are not deterred, read on to find out how to install it.

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quick answer

To install the iOS 16 beta, first delete the iOS 15 beta profile from your device (assuming you have it.) Then go to the Apple beta program website using Safari, and register your device for iOS 16. Download and install the iOS 16 beta file definition, restart your device, the update will wait for you to install it.

How to install iOS 16 public beta on your iPhone and iPad

Backup ios device to iCloud

The first thing you need to do, before anything else, is To back up your device. If iOS 16 is messing up your device with freezes, broken apps, etc., you need a way to roll back to iOS 15. It is more stable. beta Issuance. Therefore, Apple cannot guarantee anything, and you install it at your own risk.

Compatible with iOS 16

The following was done on my iPad Pro, but the steps are identical for any compatible iPhone model.

Remove the beta version of iOS 15

This first step assumes that you have an iOS 15 beta profile on your device. If you don’t, you can move on to the next step.

First, go to General-> VPN and Device Management.

ios vpn and device management

Tap on iOS 15 Configuration Profile.

iOS 15

Faucet remove profile. You will be asked to confirm, then you will be asked to restart your device. Be absolutely sure before removing the profile you really want. If you delete it and then change your mind, you will have to restore your device from a backup.

remove ios 15

Install iOS 16 beta profile

Once the device restarts, go to Apple Beta Software website in the Safari browser. It should be Safari – this will not work on any other browser. Click on the operating system you need. The iPhone needs iOS 16, and the iPad needs iPadOS 16. The location should automatically detect the device you’re using and point you in the right direction, but sometimes it doesn’t.

Apple beta program

Scroll down to startand press Register your iPad. If you are using an iPhone, this will show you Register your iPhone.

Sign up for iOS 16

Mark O’Neill / Android Authority

On the next page, go to the second section and press the blue button Download Profile button. then press Allow on the white popup.

install ios 16 profile

Refer to the VPN and device management in the settings. iOS 16 profile downloaded but not installed yet. To install it, tap on the profile.

ios 16 profile downloaded

Choose Installations In the upper corner on the right. It will then restart your device and install the configuration profile.

Install ios 16 beta profile

Once the device restarts, go to General -> Software UpdateiOS 16 beta will wait for you to download and install it. Go ahead and install it as you would any other system update.

iOS 16 Beta Available

iOS 16 has beta flags for a reason – it’s an incomplete beta that’s been released to the public so they can crash it and put it in their stride. But you will definitely find errors, some applications will not work yet with the new version of the operating system, and your device will crash more than once. So do not install iOS 16 beta on any important devices, such as work computers. At least wait for more beta updates to be released.

You can, yes. But it will involve wiping your device and resetting it to factory settings. You can then restore your device from an iCloud backup that contains iOS 15, or get the iOS 15 stable version at setup. However, any changes you made to your device on the iOS 16 beta will not be compatible with iOS 15 and therefore will not be restored.

Due to the nature of the beta tag, the features on iOS 16 are still being tested. Therefore, Apple will likely add or remove features at any time and for any reason. What is here today may disappear tomorrow, and vice versa.

Having an iOS 15 beta profile installed on your device does not automatically qualify you for iOS 16, as it handles two completely different versions of iOS. You have to delete the iOS 15 beta profile and then install the iOS 16 beta profile.

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