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KB WhatsApp Apk ( 1 Click ) Download New Version 2022

WhatsApp plus versions are preferred by many users over the original WhatsApp because they offer a variety of features, including privacy controls and preventing messages from being deleted. Alkasir WhatsApp KBWhatsApp is one of the most popular versions. When you download KBWhatsApp 2022, you will have access to a wealth of features, such as being able to make your online status invisible and seeing the statuses of your friends without them knowing.

What is KBWhatsApp?

kb whatsapp apk download

There are four versions of Alkasir WhatsApp KBWahtsApp: Black, Blue, Red, and Gold. The most popular version of WhatsApp is Black Alkasir 2022, but all versions are identical except for the color of the icon. KBWhatsApp offers you many features you won’t be able to find on original WhatsApp, If you intrested more social media app then download the Aero whatsapp apk. such as scheduling your communications, sending messages to unsaved numbers, hiding blue ticks, and much more.

Update KBWhatsApp latest version 2022

  • News has been enlarged to 700 characters, whereas statues have been enlarged to 3200 characters.
  • As a result, it’s now possible to view photos and videos being sent to appear at the same time without the recipient knowing that you watched them. Using the eye icon above, you can let the other party know you saw the photo.
  • Seeing media multiple times
  • Conversations are now clearly separated.

Features of KBWhatsApp

Privacy control:

By downloading KBWahtsApp, you will be able to better manage your privacy. Among other things, this means that you can see the view once media unlimited times, prevent deleting of messages and statuses, and view WhatsApp statuses without others noticing.

Account switching:

The ability to switch between accounts is what makes KBWhatsApp unique. Five different numbers can be used to switch between accounts. GB whatsapp are very useful for social media users.

Emoji changes:

There are five types of emoji that you can choose from, and you can also change the font. The iPhone emoji is the most popular.

How to customize your home screen:

kb whatsapp apk latest version

Among the options for customizing the home screen are the top bar, the raws, the floating button, and the status bar.

This is what the KBWhatsApp Lock looks like:

You can secure WhatsApp with either a fingerprint, a pattern, or a secret code, and you can add a backup question to further increase security.

Other Features of KBWahtsApp:

  • Theme store allows you to change WhatsApp’s theme.
  • With the upper bar and bubbles on the right, you can adjust the color and shape of the conversation screen.
  • Manage notification shapes, colors, and locations.
  • Messages can be automatically replied to and scheduled.
  • Multiple photos can be sent at the same time.
  • The status should be set to an hour.


Does Whatsapp have a Kb limit?

Click the download button to download WhatsApp. You will be able to download the app once you click the download button.

Do you know what KB Whatsapp is?

You will still be warned. In most cases, WhatsApp will ban you if you download an APK app related to WhatsApp. WhatsApp Plus has been downloaded and redownloaded multiple times on the internet, from JiMOD to Holo. There is no risk of your computer being hacked or infected.


Now that you have read this article, you can download and use the best WhatsApp APKs. If you don’t live under a rock, then you’ll really enjoy exploring the new features, especially since you can customize them to fit your preferences