LIVE Prime Day TV deals: Cheap Fire TVs, 4K, OLED, QLED, and more

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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LG OLED C1 Series Smart TV

(Image credit: LG)

With increasing returns and lowering manufacturing costs, OLED TVs are no longer anywhere as expensive as they once were even a few years ago. This is evidenced by these deals. The Sony A80J is one of the best 55-inch OLED TVs you can buy today, and you can get it for less than $1,000 right now.

Of course, if you are looking for the best OLED TVs, you will have to turn to LG. The C1 series was solid in this category, and the 55-inch version is the ideal choice. There’s also a 48-inch model on sale if you want a smaller TV, and if you’re looking for a 65-inch version you’ll only have to shell out $1,500 on the LG B1.

All of the TVs I mentioned above are ideally suited for gaming as they go up to 120Hz at 4K. A word of caution here: LG 48-inch A1 OLED TV Down to $676, and although it looks similar to the C1 series, this is not the case. For one thing, the A1 loses a 120Hz refresh, with the board locked at 60Hz. So it’s better to pay a little more and get a C1 instead. Of course, if you don’t care about gaming, you can save some cash with A1.

Hisense U6HF

(Image credit: Hisense)

Fire TV devices are drastically discounted on Prime Day, and you can get one for as low as $89. That’s for the 24-inch Insignia F20, but if you’re looking for something bigger, the 50-inch 4K F50 drops to $299. The best value piece is the 55-inch F30 which comes in at $279.

But the best recommendation is Hisense 50U6HF. This model comes down to just $339, and while the cost of this model is higher than what Insignia offers, it’s worth it because the Hisense U6 has a QLED panel. Quantum dot technology results in much better contrast levels than regular LED TVs, and you get higher brightness levels – making them the best of both worlds. After using several QLED TVs over the past 3 years, I highly recommend the Hisense U6; It’s steal for what it costs.

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