Most of you place your phone screen-down in some capacity

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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I’m not someone who puts my smartphone screen down on a flat surface, but it turns out a couple of colleagues actually did when I asked this question in a Slack group for work.

So I thought it would be a good idea to turn this question into Android salad Readers to get a better idea of ​​how many people do this. That’s what I told us in our last survey.

Have you ever put your smartphone screen on a surface?


This was a hugely popular poll, attracting more than 24,400 votes after we published it on Wednesday. It turned out that the most popular option was “Yes, sometimes”, with 40.07% of respondents choosing this option. Reader comments supporting this position indicate that the face down feature is sometimes used to silence, or in certain situations (such as at work).

Meanwhile, 32.66% of surveyed readers said they always leave their phones face down. At least one reader in the comments noted that they always put their phones screen down so the cameras wouldn’t get scratched. Some readers have also rightly pointed out that many phone cases have a bezel around the screen, so your phone’s screen doesn’t touch the surface if it’s face down.

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Finally, 27.27% of respondents said they never leave their phone face down. Some readers have indicated concerns about screen scratches or smudges, or simply a desire to use the always-on display function.

However, the survey clearly shows that more than 70% of respondents leave their phones unlocked at least occasionally. Xiaomi may have been on the right track with the secondary rear screen on the Mi 11 Ultra.


  • Peter Dibrovsky: I do sometimes because I use “flip to shhhhhhh”.
  • Marcus: I would put it upside down if it had lights on it to indicate important things
  • Bonidate: Since I don’t usually use screen protectors or holsters, I try not to make my screen face down the norm. On my occasion (to silence a phone call), I flip it almost immediately after activating the DND (Do Not Disturb) feature.
  • Ozzy Khu: 90% of people still use cases – most of these cases have lips above the front screen, so scratches from placing the screen down aren’t really a problem
  • rockhoundsFace down during a meeting at work, face down elsewhere.
  • busyman96: Sometimes when I use the face feature to silence the audio.
  • Good bot, bad bot: I can’t really think of why I would want to put my phone face down. I think I do that sometimes when I go out with dinner with the wife.
  • Francisco: I always put my phone screen down so the cameras don’t get scratched. I have a screen protector on my screen and I have a case in any way so it’s not like scratching my screens.
  • Will: I have a nice case with a big lip and a big bottom so I can put it on if I want without the screen touching the surface and the possibility of small scratches. But I don’t do it often besides when I go to sleep because I like the wireless charging and amoled AOD for notifications.
  • ProfPretzel: If my phone lay flat on some surface, the screen would always be down. I have pets and I worry more about them damaging the screen than the table.
  • Violet: I chose “Yes, all the time”, but I also have a glass screen protector as well as a Crave case to protect that stupid curved screen.
  • Albert: I always put my phone face down due to the fact that I once dropped something from my hand directly on my phone and it broke the screen so my concern is to break the screen by dropping something on it like keys or some or a heavy or sharp object.
  • Anthurama: Face up, so that the surrounding screen can be turned on

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