Moto G 5G () vs. OnePlus Nord N20 5G: Which is the best budget-friendly value pick?

Admin, Thursday, July 21, 2022
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Some buyers are all about getting the latest and greatest premium phones from top brands. But there are alternatives worth considering if you’re on a budget and don’t need all the bells and whistles of new phones, along with the leverage that can come with owning a Samsung or Google device.

Motorola and OnePlus are two great brands in this regard, and when looking at the Motorola G 5G (2022) vs OnePlus Nord N20 5G comparison, it might seem that the specifications of one completely outperform the other. But there is more than meets the eye with these two phones.

Moto G 5G (2022) vs OnePlus Nord N20 5G: Appearance and Technical Specifications

Moto G 5G box (2022)

(Photo credit: Derrek Lee/Android Central)

First, let’s examine the exterior. Both phones are durable, lightweight, and made of plastic to cut costs. However, the Moto G 5G (2022) is a bit bigger and thicker, and it also weighs a bit more.

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