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MSM Download Tool (All Version) Latest Version 2022

This MSM Download Tool All Version 2022 – for Oppo and Vivo all Android flashing instruments – allows you to root your phone. In this informative article, we share with you an all Android flash tool that you can use to trigger or flash Oppo & Vivo inventory ROM again on your tablets. As you understand, Oppo & Vivo inventory ROM needs to be published and available for download; the ROM flash instrument hasn’t been published.

A free download and install of the latest flash version for Oppo a71, a7, a37f, a3s, f5, a71 2018, a37fw, and other Oppo tablets is available at MSM. Although the MSM download application is easy to use, the process of setting it up can be difficult. Thanks to this post, you can quickly resolve the issues you encounter during the installation of “MSM” and the issues you encounter when your Oppo phone blinks.

Most of the time, when we use this software to flash the Oppo apparatus, we encounter a lot of problems. Fix my speakers apk are very unique and useful for people. To fix the errors that we face when flashing the Oppo program, I developed this procedure.

What is MSM Download Tool?

All Oppo & Realme phones can be flashed with MSM Download Tool after they have been purchased. The app helps you unlock Oppo & Realme phones in a few seconds by removing the pattern lock, screen lock, and FRP lock. Including Oppo a71, a7, a37f, a3s, etc., it supports a wide range of Oppo and Realme phones. There was also a user-friendly interface, and it was known as Oppo Flash Tool. It isn’t easy to install. To get the most out of them, you must download all the needed files and folders. These are all available for download on this page.

Among the issues you can fix quickly are issues like Stuck at Boot logo, Forgotten password, Pattern lock, Bypass FRP Lock, unrooting, fixing bugs, upgrading Android version, fixing unknown baseband, unlocking network lock, and repairing IMEI. This will assist you if you are experiencing any of these issues or want to upgrade your Oppo or Realme phone.

MSM Download Tool V5.0.15 Latest Version

Despite frequent updates, the MSM Download Tool developer always fixes old bugs and adds new devices in the process. The latest V5.0.15 update now supports all the latest Realme and Oppo smartphones including the Realme 6 and 6 pro, the Realme Narazo 10, and the Oppo A5s 2020, the A5, the A3, the A1k, and the A31. In order to flash your colors OS 7.1 or older phones, you need to download the latest version of the MSM Download tool, or if you have colors OS 6 or earlier, you need to download the older tools in order to flash the phone without any error. You can flash any version of your phone if you know how to flash firmware on Android phones or if you can correct the most common mistake.


Flash ToolMSM Download Tool
Tool ActivatorCode Meter Runtime Download
License FileOPPOMsmDownloadToolNoneLic_2000
Stock ROM/FirmwareYour Required Device Stok Rom/Firmware
USB DriversOppo/Vivo USB Drivers

MSM Download Tool latest version 2022:

  • Please download MSM Tool NOAuth, OPPO All Tools, and ROM for your OPPO phone
  • The first ROM file corresponds to the variant of 2GB RAM and 16GB ROM, and the second for the variant of 3GB RAM and 32GB Oppo ROM.

MSMDownload Tool (All Version) Free Download

Previous VersionSize
MsmDownloadTool_v4.0.58_patched without id1.48 GB
sMsmDownloadTool_v4.0 without id Or Password4.4 MB
MSM_Download Toolv4.0.87.Zip4.8 MB
sMSM Download Toolv3.0.Zip4.3 MB
MSM_Download Toolv4.0.Zip4.2 MB
MSMDownloadTool 5.0.15.zip12.5 MB

Install the MSMDownload Tool:

  • All data should be installed and extracted.
  • Installation of CodeMeterRuntime.exe and PDAnet.exe.
  • Select License Document in Control Center CodeMeter.
  • Access OPPONoneLic 2000 [Following Extraction of Files] by downloading the License File.
  • Activation of the tool is indicated when you see the Activated License message in the software window.

How To Flash Oppo ROM

  • During the flashing process, make sure to switch off the device at least 50% of the charge.
  • Install an Oppo ROM on your computer by first downloading and extracting it.
  • Open the MsmDownloadTool.exe file in the extracted folder with administrator rights.
  • This is the loading screen of the firmware (Oppo Rom).
  • Now turn off the Oppo / Vivo Mobile device.
  • Start by clicking the VOLUME UP Key button.
  • Use a USB data cable to connect your phone to your PC.
  • Start the flashing process by clicking Start Flashing Process. This is the official folder lock pro apk, you can now download it from google play. Wait until the installation is complete.
  • You can unplug your phone from your PC once you see the “Complete Download” message.