My worst tech decision: A G Suite account for personal use

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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I’m not a gambler, but over the years, I’ve realized that buying into any Google service is Russian roulette. Google’s graveyard will testify to the number of Google services that have been killed over the years, but many others remain unnecessarily hampered. Case in point – Google Workspace, or G Suite as it was previously known, for personal use.

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Google App Families

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I’m sure some of you will suggest that I shouldn’t use Google Workspace as a personal account for a start. However, when I signed up, Google was actively marketing google apps and G Suite accounts for individuals and families who wanted their personal domains. Even today, it is simply not possible to have a regular Gmail account with a custom domain associated with it. As someone who doesn’t have access to the first name as well as the last name Gmail account, I’ve chosen the next best solution – a custom domain. Little did I know he would come back to bite me over and over again over the years.

Google has actively marketed Google Apps and G Suite accounts to individual users and families with their own domains.

My Google Workspace account page says I set up my account sometime around 2009. Suffice to say, it was a love-hate relationship that lasted thirteen years. Like any relationship that goes through ups and downs, my honeymoon period with G Suite lasted a few years when my primary use case revolved around emails. Although Gmail for G Suite often has features later than free Gmail, these were adornment at best and didn’t really bother me. The real problems started when Google started rolling out its widest range of products.

GSuite Google Workspace applications are not supported 1 2

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It was the summer of 2017 when Google introduced Google Pay in India. Named Tez at launch, it was part of the early crop of digital payments apps that were designed to take advantage of India’s unified payments interface. I was eager to give the app a try, simply because I didn’t trust the alternatives with my financials. However, my digital payments journey came to a halt fast enough. No, the app does not support G Suite accounts.

Google Pay Twitter Support

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I figured these issues might be due to Tez being an India exclusive app. Fast forward to 2018, and Google Tez rolled out to Google Pay. It should have solved the problem, right? This no, again. In November 2020, the official Google Pay Twitter account He confirmed that support for G Suite accounts will be added in the coming months. It’s now halfway through 2022, and using a Google Workspace or G Suite account with Google Pay is still impossible. However, the issues go beyond Google Pay.

We’re halfway through 2022, and using a Google Workspace or G Suite account with Google Pay is still impossible.

When Google introduced the first generation of Google Home speakers in India in 2018, I was the first to pick one to expand my growing smart home needs. The speaker setup was pretty straightforward, but I quickly found out that it doesn’t support calendars for G Suite accounts. Quick access to calendars and reminders was one of my main requirements, the purchase was a complete bankruptcy for me. Ironically, Amazon’s rival Echo Dot has had no problem taking advantage of my G Suite-based calendar. How is this to support your products?

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But as it turns out, my issues with Google’s smart home ecosystem didn’t quite end there. Until today, there is no way to invite family members to your Google Home account if you have created said account using a Google Workspace profile. I searched long and wide inside the admin panel to see if there was a security setting that I might have missed, but Google simply doesn’t allow it.

An increasing number of apps won’t let you sign in with a Google Workspace or G Suite account.

It gets even worse if you’re looking to invest in the Nest ecosystem. I recently picked up a Nest Cam to see how it compares to my Ubiquiti security cameras. For days I kept trying to add the camera to my Google Home app to no avail until I realized it might be a limitation of G Suite. Switching to my regular Gmail account definitely got me going. I understand Google’s desire to lock the access for the improved security and privacy that a business account promised, but the fact that there is absolutely no option to toggle that baffles me. It’s also infuriating that Google doesn’t mention a lack of support for Workspace accounts anywhere on the packaging or in the app.

My list of issues keeps running longer, including services like Google One that simply aren’t available to Google Workspace users. Likewise, Family Sharing is not accessible to Google Drive storage, YouTube Premium, or YouTube Music for Google Workspace users. I’m not in a supported area, but Stadia is another service that isn’t supported with these accounts.

I’m well aware that there is a way for that Export data from Google Workspace And import some manually into a regular Gmail account. However, the process is so long and cumbersome that it seems that Google has gone out of its way to deter easy migrations. Honestly, I wouldn’t be too surprised if that was the case.

Devices and services are interchangeable, but my online identity is not.

As a paying customer, it makes absolutely no sense for Google to block me from an entire ecosystem of products and services just because I’m tied to a trial service. Tech purchases like phones and tablets are disposable, my online identity is not, and it’s not possible for me to switch to a regular Gmail account at this point. Most of the old users have had a dedicated email address as part of their online identity for better than a decade. Since Gmail doesn’t allow custom domains, your only real option is to migrate one or more nodes of connections to a different email provider.

And that’s before we talk about all the related services like Google Drive, Google Docs, or even Google Photos. Or all the apps, books, and movies you’ve purchased. or the myriad services you may have subscribed to using your Google login.

GSuite Google Workspace Apps Not Supported 1

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See, locking in external features to preserve user privacy in the workspace is commendable. However, if you can run into the hassles of setting up a custom domain to use with Google Workspace, I’m perfectly able to understand the risks associated with switching these features in the admin panel. Conversely, Google can also offer a basic plan for Gmail users who want to publish a custom domain.

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I rarely regret buying in certain ecosystems, but while my G Suite account is one of the cornerstones of my online presence, it’s one of the worst technical decisions I’ve made.

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