Netflix’s new adaptation fails to stand out

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Ella Palinska Hiding from a Treasure of Zombies in Resident Evil on Netflix - Review

“Who asked for this?” It has become an online acronym for “This show or movie wasn’t really right for me.” It’s not a great way to interact with art. It assumes a pre-sold audience. This is perhaps understandable in the age of franchises and IP-based storytelling, but it doesn’t make for an interesting critique. However, Resident Evil on Netflix is ​​a strange project. It’s an effective reboot of a successful movie franchise and comes on the heels of another Resident Evil reboot, not to mention the live-action Resident Evil animated series. It’s also based on the decades-old popular video game of the same name, and draws on this interactive franchise for much of its background.

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In short, there’s a lot to live up to, and it looks like it was made specifically for current fans.

Instead of asking “Who asked for this?” We might ask, “How does this stand out from the packaging?” or “How does this justify its existence?” Unfortunately, the answer is that it doesn’t. At just eight episodes, Netflix’s Resident Evil feels surprisingly bloated, without offering any of the silly fun of previous movies or a satisfying addition to the zombie genre.

Read on for our Resident Evil review. And if you want to watch the show, you can watch it on Netflix at the link below.

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What is Resident Evil on Netflix?

Lance Riddick looks at a mouse in a cage in Resident Evil

Jumping back and forth between 2022 and 2037, Resident Evil explores the evolution of a deadly virus and the next dystopian zombie apocalypse. Sisters Jade and Billie Wesker live in New Racoon City, a gated community for Umbrella Corporation employees. Their father is an important scientist in Umbrella’s top-secret operations.

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The girls suspect their father’s work, revealing the most sinister side of the company and its experience on humans.

In the future, we see an older Jade studying the fallout from an umbrella as he unleashes a virus. By that time, it has wiped out a lot of humanity and turned people into killer zombies. Jade studies the virus and looks for a cure. She is part of a group that evades the Umbrella Foundation, which continues its own flag, and maintains a tight grip on society as a sort of self-appointed central government.

You can watch the Resident Evil trailer below:

A fun, strange and varied legacy

Milla Jovovich shoots a rifle and stands with Ali Larter under the falling water in Resident Evil: Afterlife

Resident Evil adaptations certainly have their critics, despite having emerged from one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

Rotten Tomatoes’ highest score for any Resident Evil movie is 36%. this is for Final movie In the previous franchise starring Milla Jovovich. However, these movies also have their fans, and it’s not hard to see why.

Milla Jovovich’s movies starring an original, if a bit trivial.

The films in the six-part saga, though of varying quality, are certainly fun. Jovovich is awesome as a star, and there’s a chaotic sense of chaos running through her. Hyper-action and horror elements make it compulsively watchable.

Until the reboot of 2021 Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City offers a blood-soaked fest of the ’90s that’s pretty fun, though not a real improvement over its predecessors.

So, Netflix’s Resident Evil certainly doesn’t have a clean slate to begin with, even if its competition offers plenty of room for improvement.

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Ella Balinska shoots a gun into a dark tunnel in Resident Evil on Netflix – review

Let’s start with what works in Resident Evil on Netflix. Where it really shines is in the acting. Ella Palinska, who starred in the 2019 movie Charlie’s Angels, is more than capable of the task of leading this band. Jade is a compelling heroine, and Balinska anchors every part of the role: science nerd, loving mom, tough action star, and everything in between. Lance Reddick is one of the most prominent figures as Wesker’s patriarch. And he’s given a lot to do, especially in the back half of the season.

this is not enough.

Some of the video game’s gorgeous aesthetics and bloody hands-on effects – notably some mediocre chainsaw scenes – don’t quite make up for some of the generally flat visuals. This show could really use more of the weirdness, whether it’s the surreal excesses of previous movies or just a more distinct horror approach. It does not stand out from other miserable shows as it is.

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Resident Evil also needs to cut the chase. The alternating schedule of viewing is not quite up to date. There is a focus on what went wrong in New Racoon City, but it feels like an unnecessary backstory. The evil company with its sights on population control has gone too far. amazing! What more do you need? There is certainly the potential for some compelling backstory out there, but Resident Evil doesn’t offer that. Instead, it slows everything down. The events in the past and present don’t connect all that well in terms of subject matter either, so the entire format seems to have been chosen at random.

At best, it distracts from how slow the story progresses in either timeline. The pace finally starts to pick up around the halfway mark. It’s hard not to yearn for a long mini version of this story. The plus side is that if Resident Evil returns for Season 2, it will finally get to the heart of things and could improve dramatically. That’s not much to go on, though.

Then again, those looking for the Easter Eggs video game will surely find it, and this is probably the big takeaway. If you’re a die-hard gaming fan, this show might scratch a very specific itch.

For everyone else, Resident Evil will likely feel like the year of déja vu.

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