Nothing phone (1) appearance on the US store hints at a potential release?

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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What you need to know

  • UK Nothing has been seen redirecting customers to the US version when searching for a phone (1).
  • Customers looking to buy a Nothing (1) phone in the US can use it on carriers like T-Mobile but will have spotty coverage, at best.
  • Nobody wants to bring their phone (1) to the US area, but there will be trials waiting to do so.

Could there be a possibility of a nil(1) phone being released in the US? Apparently UK Nothing is redirecting customers to the US version.

A development like this, if nothing is seriously considering an effective US version, would satisfy a lot of potential buyers. There was a lot of noise surrounding Nothing .’s phone (Opens in a new tab) When consumers took a first look at it. There was also talk about why the Nothing (1) phone didn’t make it to the US (Opens in a new tab)

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