Nothing Phone 1 fares well in durability test but teardown is another story –

Admin, Monday, August 1, 2022
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There is no white phone in the hand that appears back

Dhruv Bhutani / Android Authority

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  • Popular YouTubers tested the durability and repairability of Nothing Phone 1.
  • The phone holds up surprisingly well for an average ranger in the torture test.
  • Ripping off shows it could be a nightmare to fix.

Nothing Phone 1 has been tested by Zack Nelson’s JerryRigEverything for durability. The folks at PBK Reviews also came forward and ripped the shiny phone to the bone. While the device performed surprisingly well in one of these actions, watching it through the other was pretty painful.

Let’s start with the durability test. For a mid-range phone, Nothing Phone 1 is surprisingly powerful. It has a pre-installed plastic screen protector that covers the screen. The lower screen begins to show scratches on the sixth level of the Mohs hardness scale, which is standard for a display covered with Gorilla Glass.

Besides being decently scratch-resistant, the Phone 1’s screen also holds up well under lighter fire. 40 seconds of heat from the flame created a white mark on the screen, but it recovered well and did not lose usability.

The Nothing Phone 1’s recycled aluminum frame stands up well to the bend test. The YouTuber notes that there was some “flexing” when Phone 1 was bent at the front. However, she did not suffer any damage. It was the same when Nothing Phone 1 was put under pressure from the back. Nelson notes that he felt “super solid.” The only drawback he found was some separation along the antenna lines. However, it gets locked and the phone stays in one piece.

Overall, Nothing Phone 1 appears to do well on our durability test. Its results were much better than those of the OnePlus 10 Pro, which was cut in half during the bend test.

Nothing Phone 1 to repair

If you are thinking of fixing Nothing Phone 1 by yourself, we highly suggest you to refrain from it. Disassembly of the device by PBK Reviews shows that the phone has several small screws, covers, and cables that must be removed before you can access the battery or screen. It looks like a DIY nightmare and is easy to spoil, causing more damage if not done meticulously.

Channel gave the device a repairability score of three on a scale of 10. The breakdown of the score shows that repairing Nothing Phone 1 takes a long time, thanks to its complex construction. It is also not easy to find spare parts for the device, and it is very difficult to repair the phone screen.

If you are thinking of getting your toolkit to fix your Nothing Phone 1, we suggest that you watch the video above before you dare to do so.

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