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What is NSWhatsApp 2?

Nova Scotia developed NSWhatsApp 2, which is a customized version of WhatsApp. The application has been downloaded more than seventy thousand times from different countries around the world. The app also has more interesting and useful features that we will discuss later, compared with Fouad Whatsapp and golden WhatsApp.

The play store does not carry NWhatsApp 3D. You must download and install it manually from the internet. It comes in orange, blue, and yellow as default backgrounds. A gold version is also available.

The normal WhatsApp application, on the other hand, has only a few basic features. In our modern world, people are looking for advanced technology that meets their needs. Boring and basic applications aren’t appealing to them anymore. Because of this, they abandon the original versions in favor of customized versions of the app, like AG WhatsApp etc.

NSWhtsApp browser is unique in the sense that it provides all the features that aren’t available in the official version or other customized versions of normal WhatsApp. You can leran about how to download Sm whatsapp apk on google. In the original version, we excluded all features that are mutual, and we only mentioned exclusive features.

Basic Information:


  • NSWhatsApp 3D Apk is the name of the app.
  • The app belongs to the communication category.
  • Version 8.65 of the app is the latest version
  • Author Norton Silva is the name of the book.
  • This app has a size of 46 MB.
  • A version that is anti-banning
  • For the app to run, a minimum of 4.0 is required

Top Features of NSWhatsApp:

NSWhatsApp yellow offers the following top features.

Automated updates:

This version offers quick automatic updates, unlike other versions. The latest version does not need to be downloaded every time. GBwhatsapp apk download is mostly in Android mobiles. The app automatically updates when a new update is released. You should keep in mind, however, that if you want to get automatic updates, you’ll need to connect to the Internet each time.

The following fonts are available:

NSWhatsApp 3 gold edition offers users multiple font types. These fonts are intended to enhance the user’s experience. Color, size, and design of the font can be customized.

A theme library is available here:

NSWhatsApp blue users can choose from a variety of themes. Users can customize their interfaces with the themes as well. Users can customize each theme separately. Users can change the background of the application, for example. In addition, they can customize the application’s icon and color. By doing so, you can create a different theme for the application by modifying these changes.

Improved Security:

This app provides the users with better security than other apps.

The security settings can be changed as desired.

The most valuable security setting is the ability to lock a specific conversation within an app. Additionally, the app offers fingerprint, pin code, and pattern lock options.

Emojis with more than one image:

This app provides a number of interesting emojis that can be used in chats with friends. The search icon within the app can also be used to find specific emojis.

Sharing media is limited to:

All versions of WhatsApp have this feature. In Whatsapp official, you can send files up to 20 MBs only, but in NSWhatsApp messenger, you can send files up to 300 MBs without any problem.

Limitation of video status:

Video statuses were limited to 30 seconds in the original version, so long videos had to be cut into 30 second sections to be uploadable. The users of NSWhatsApp can upload videos up to 7 minutes without it being cut in half.

Instant reply:

Your contacts will receive instant replies if you enable this feature. Contacts and groups can be set up to receive instant replies. By enabling this feature, you will save time.

Installation Guide:

Here is how you can download and install NSWhatsApp messenger on your device, since it is not available on the app store.

  • Start by opening your normal WhatsApp account
  • Taking a complete backup is step two
  • Save the backup to your device
  • Uninstall WhatsApp
  • Activate the setting for enabling unknown resources
  • Download the NSWhatsApp Apk file by clicking the download button
  • Save the file to your mobile device
  • Using your computer’s browser, open the apk file and double click it
  • Click the Apk file
  • Click on the install option
  • Wait for the installation process to complete
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Wait for the one-time password
  • The OTP code must be entered
  • The registration process now continues by entering your name and completing it.
  • Now you’re all set.

What is the procedure for updating the App?

Manually updating the app is not necessary. It will automatically update whenever a new update is available.

What’s New in the Latest version?

  • Additional stickers added
  • A finger swipe option has been added
  • The option to chat multiple times is included
  • On the home screen, there is a Status option
  • Some bugs have been fixed

Requirements to install NSWhatsApp 3D?

  • You should enable the option for unknown resources
  • The Apk file should be downloaded
  • A minimum of Android 4.0+ is required


Compared to normal WhatsApp, NSWhatsApp is a better app. Just click on the download button to get it. Please let us know via comment if you have trouble downloading the app file.