One UI Watch 4.5 based on Wear OS 3.5 launched

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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User changes watch face on Samsung Galaxy Watch 4.

Kaitlyn Cimino / Android Authority

tl; DR

  • Samsung officially launched One UI Watch 4.5, which is based on Wear OS 3.5
  • It brings new features like new typing experience.
  • It will arrive in the Galaxy Watch 4 series and is likely to be launched in the Galaxy Watch 5 series.

When the Galaxy Watch 4 series launched, wearables came with Wear OS 3. However, Wear OS wasn’t “pure”, because that’s Samsung we’re talking about. Wear OS was Samsung’s own software.

That was One UI Watch 4. Today, Samsung is officially releasing the latest version of this skin known as One UI Watch 4.5. It is a skin for Wear OS 3.5.

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Samsung says This new software will arrive on the current Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic sometime in the third quarter of this year (roughly from July to September). Samsung also says it will be available on the “next Galaxy Watch series”. This undoubtedly refers to the rumored Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. It’s possible that the new version of Wear OS 3.5 will run preloaded on the Galaxy Watch 5 series, although that’s just speculation at this point.

Features of One UI Watch 4.5

One UI Watch 4.5 . Keyboard

The most notable new feature in One UI Watch 4.5 is the new typing experience. You now have access to a full QWERTY keyboard that you can use with swipe gestures. This joins the usual dictation and writing features that Galaxy Watch 4 users are accustomed to.

The new software also supports the function of two SIM cards, which makes life easier for frequent travelers. You will need a dual SIM Samsung phone for this to work. There are also more watch faces on offer, better ways to organize these watch faces, and more accessibility features for those with a visual impairment.

However, Samsung does not stop here. The company has promised that more features of the One UI Watch will be announced between now and their wide rollout. It’s a safe bet that the company is keeping some of these features to bring excitement to the Galaxy Watch 5 launch, which we expect to happen in August.

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