OnePlus Nord Watch reportedly leaked, takes obvious inspiration from Apple Watch

Admin, Friday, July 29, 2022
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OnePlus Nord watch leaked

tl; DR

  • Screenshots that are said to show an upcoming smartwatch, the OnePlus Nord Watch, have been leaked.
  • The name seems to suggest that the new watch may be cheaper than the OnePlus Watch for 2021.
  • The design is also similar to the Apple Watch which looks like a square.

OnePlus launched a smartwatch, simply called OnePlus Watch, over a year ago in April 2021. While the smartwatch was affordable and had some solid hardware, we felt the software had a number of issues. Today, there are reports that OnePlus will try again, possibly with a cheaper device.

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According to previously leaked footage Mukul Sharma on Twitter (Across digital trends), the new wearable will be called OnePlus Nord Watch. Since OnePlus uses the Nord brand for budget smartphones, it makes sense that this smartwatch will be cheaper than last year’s OnePlus Watch.

oneplus nord screenshots

A small, blurry image of the watch itself shows a square design similar to the Apple Watch and very different from the round design of the OnePlus Watch. Other screenshots, apparently taken from a OnePlus phone, show features like custom watch faces, outdoor workout modes, a SpO2 sensor, and other features, including a heart monitor.

Sharma claims the smartwatch will be on sale in India “soon” but has not given an exact date. It is possible that OnePlus will reveal it along with its next smartphone, OnePlus 10T, on August 3. It is also possible that this OnePlus Nord watch will not be officially available in the US. Keep in mind that OnePlus has yet to officially confirm the existence of this wearable, so take this news with caution.

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