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Through a webhook, you can chat with friends and family through the pub Whatsapp bot. Both parties send an HTTP request to communicate with one another. Other protocols are not required.

Pub wa Whatsapp is another name for Pub Whatsapp apk. You can download it for free on your phone. Click here to download it. V33, V34, V35, and V39 are some old versions you can try. If u intrested more app then download sk whatsapp apk. To get access to updated functions, you’ll need to update the old version.

This application is not available in the Google Play store. You can only use it if your Android version is 4.0 or greater because it does not support android versions below 4.0.

pub Whatsapp:

We would need to build our own mechanism to verify the user since Whatsapp Webhook API does not support phone number verification with Phone Number. A two-step process needs to be done on both ends of the communication (the Web Server and the Mobile App):

  • 1) Pub Whatsapp users need to establish a unique ID that is shared by both parties
  • 2) Each time the user tries to chat with the bot, they would have to verify this unique ID.

Auth0 will be used to create our Webhook’s Unique ID (website username) and the mobile authentication code (auth code for securing the user).

What are the features of WhatsApp 2022, and how does it differ from the original Whatsapp? Let’s discuss this in more detail.

Features of Pub Whatsapp apk

There is no charge for using it.

The application can be downloaded and used for free. In-person interaction with friends is no longer necessary to pay for.

Making a voice call is as easy as this:

A phone call is the best way to communicate with your friend if you cannot type a message. This feature helps you to communicate with your friend if you don’t have the energy to type.

pub whatsapp v48

Making a video call is as simple as:

Your friends can also join in on a video call. It is a great way to share memories with your loved ones.

Calls are made by the following groups:

A group call allows you to communicate with multiple friends at the same time if they are a part of the group. It eliminates the need to share your things one by one with your friends.

Using media to share:

You can share photos, videos, and documents with your friends and family using the app. lite for whatsapp application download is mostly in Android mobiles. The great thing about this app is that we can share our good memories with others.

Send a star message:

We’ve made it easy for you by allowing you to start a new message. If a star sign appears on such a message, then it will remind you from time to time.

Here are some emojis:

You can use this app to add emojis to your conversation to make it more interesting and funny.

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to hide your last seen:

Maintaining your privacy is possible by hiding your last seen. People will not be able to determine your exact location.

Delete the following messages:

You can delete all your messages from this app at a certain time. A person can delete a message accidentally sent to them, for example. That way, the recipient cannot see it.

Detailed information about the message

This feature enables you to determine the delivery and reading of the message to the recipient.

To disable “Read Receipts”, follow these steps:

You won’t be able to tell your contacts that you have read their messages.

If you want to muffle a conversation, you can do the following:

If you are not interested in getting notifications from a specific conversation, this option lets you disable it.

Media shouldn’t be automatically saved:

If you want to prevent the gallery from saving your media, you can disable this feature in WhatsApp. If you do not want to save media to the gallery, you cannot do so.

Pub Whatsapp apk on a computer

The best feature of this app is that you can use it on your computer. You can log into your WhatsApp account on your computer if your phone isn’t working or the battery isn’t enough to use it.

How Pub Whatsapp Webhook API works?

Whatsapp’s API only allows GET requests and is HTTP-based. We send a GET request from the client to our server each time a user initiates a chat with our bot, which we use as the first step in verifying that it is really that useful.

This same string will be required later on by the mobile app (inside Auth0) as a response from the bot (the authentication code). The Mobile App can make another request with the same authentication code as the response, so that we can confirm it is really that user, and now we have a unique identifier for him/her. This allows us to verify both sides of the transaction (through Auth0).

The ‘X-Whatsapp-Chatid’ is a unique identifier for a specific conversation, always included in a request made by pub Whatsapp to our API. With this identifier, we can associate the chat with the relevant user.

In our backend, we are using Express, so the Request object in Express allows us to access all of the properties in Whatsapp’s GET request (the User object). We, therefore, save the ‘X-Whatsapp-Chatid’ in our database whenever a user initiates a chat with our API.

We are using the Node.js request package to make communication with our API easier for our Android and iOS clients. This package allows users to send GET requests easily from NodeJS.

As soon as we receive and save the ‘X-Whatsapp-Chatid’, we immediately send a GET request to the pub Whatsapp Webhook API (which provides Random Auth Code as a response) and provide our unique ID (which is actually our user’s website username, you’ll learn more about this in a bit).

If we receive an HTTP response that contains a random authorization code, we must send a new request to the Whatsapp Webhook API (with our authorization code in the HTTP response) so that Whatsapp can verify it.