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RA Whatsapp iOS Apk Download New Version 2022

An Indonesian programmer named Ridwan Arifin designed a customized version of Whatsapp for iOS devices. One of the most popular WhatsApp MOD apps among users is this application, which is known by new users as WhatsApp MOD.

This application is popular due to its UI, which is similar to WhatsApp on the iPhone, iPad, and Android. There are also plenty of features that other WhatsApp modifications lack.

Download RA WhatsApp iOS APK Latest Version 8.71 for Android

The applications are linked below, according to their current versions. Messenger lite mod apk for android are very unique and useful for people. Since the application is not yet available on Google Play, you can access the apk files directly through the given links

Features of the App:

Most common Features:

  • The last time you were seen can be frozen
  • The contact information you provide can be customized according to your needs.
  • Hide status viewers by selecting one of several options.
  • You can choose from a variety of fonts.
  • With the built-in lock, you can secure your app.
  • Specific media can be hidden in the gallery.
  • Data backup and data restoration are both available.
  • There are a number of widgets that you can use
  • Size, color, and background colors of fonts can all be customized.
  • In addition to Indonesian, English, Malaysian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, German, and more, it supports a wide range of languages.
  • Changing the home screen’s appearance is possible if you wish
  • Increased the number of pictures you can send
  • Emojis come in many varieties
  • The blue tick can be hidden after reading the messages.
  • Instagram Stories can be enabled.
  • Multiple themes are available in the app for a better user experience.
  • Messages that prevent deletion
  • In case you do not wish to receive any incoming call or message notifications, you can disable airplane mode
  • Despite being available, one can hide their online status.
  • You can enter up to 250 characters in the status text.
  • You can view the pictures online without having to download them to your cell phone.
  • The appearance of the application can be customized by the user.
  • Videos up to 30 MB in size can be sent in an unlimited number.
  • There is a limit of 90 photos or images per delivery.
  • Additionally, there are some interesting features

The application’s aesthetics are as follows:

The most important feature of RA Whatsapp is this. People love using it for this reason.

Once RAWA is installed, it replicates the iOS interface of WhatsApp.

If you’d like to change the theme, you can download any of the thousands of themes available in the app.

You can also upload your own WhatsApp wallpapers, change the background colour, change the colors of the icons, and even change the name of WhatsApp from RA to whatever you want.

How to install RA Whatsapp iOS Apk on Android Device?

Installing the apk file on your device can be done following the complete instructions.

  • Take a complete backup of official Whatsapp if you already have it
  • Install the new version and uninstall the old one
  • From the above link, you can download RA Whatsapp
  • Go to your mobile settings
  • Unknown parties can access resources if they are allowed
  • The location of the apk file can be found by navigating to it.
  • To download the apk, click twice
  • Permissions must be enabled
  • You will need to enter your mobile number
  • An OTP code will be sent to you
  • In the box, paste the code
  • Describe yourself in full
  • Click the done button
  • Now go to your mobile’s home screen
  • The app will open

How to upload New Themes on RA Whatsapp iOS?

You can apply any theme you like by following the steps below.

  1. Mod settings are located there.
  2. Themes can be uploaded.
  3. Look for the downloaded XML file.
  4. The theme will be applied when the app is restarted.

How to update RAWhatsapp?

There are no modified apps on Google Play, including HM Whatsapp and others. You can also learn more how to download the GB instagram apk on google and in our website. First, you need to delete the previous version of the app. Take a backup of your data before you update it this way, as you may lose your data if you don’t.