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Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk Download (Unlimited Everything) 2022

NameRaid: Shadow Legends
DeveloperPlarium Global Ltd
CategoryRole Playing
FeatureMod Menu
Last UpdatedToday

Mobile gaming has evolved dramatically over the past few years. As a result of these advancements, mobile platforms can now play thrilling games with stunning graphics and engaging gameplay. When it comes to Android games, Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk offline deserves a spot at the top of your list

You will find yourself in a world of vividly detailed fantasy in the Raid Shadow Legend APK moded version. You must defeat over 20 bosses in this version. In the game, you will encounter Knight Revenants, Dark Elves, Demonspawns, Banner Lords, Lizardmen, Ogryn Tribes, Skinwalkers, Undead Hordes, Dwarves, and a tremendous amount of other races.

You can readily defeat challenging bosses by having more characters, but this is a simple principle. The mod version of Rising of legends is not available on Google Play Store. But, you can get the latest version of the game from android 1. It’s like Pixel Gun 3D APK.

The key to winning head-to-head PVP battles in arenas is devising smart strategies and ensuring they are using the best strategies. With each battle you win, you will unlock more gear, loot, XP, and useful items. Yet there are a number of special effects, valuable items, and features that can only be unlocked through in-game purchases.

We have provided you with the direct download link to Raid: Shadow Legends Mod Apk with unlimited energy and free gems. Using this modded version of the game, we will show you how to make your champions stronger than those of your opponents.

How To Download And Install Raid Shadow Legends Mod Apk?

The first step is to download the game by clicking the download button

Open the APK file using the File Manager once you have downloaded the APK file. If you install an application for the first time from the File Manager, you may need to grant some permissions.

To allow all the required permissions, click on the ‘Settings’ option.

After allowing permissions, tap the back button once and restart the installation process. You will have a successful installation this time.

Note: Before installing this modded version, it is mandatory to uninstall any previous Raid: Shadow Legends installation. Failure to do so may result in a failed installation.

Basic Overview:

Raid Shadow

The Raid Shadow Legends god mode is an unofficial (hacked) version. All hacked features, such as unlimited loot, free XP, unlimited gems, free accessories, etc., will be available to you for free.

To collect Warriors, you do not need to compete in any specific championship.

  • There will be an unlimited supply of gems
  • Special champions drop champions that you can gather
  • Unlimited energy is at your disposal
  • A special Gear can be unlocked
  • We need hundreds of warriors
  • Enhancing Personal Fortress

It is a tactical battle game that features 3D characters with varying abilities and attack animations.

You’ll have to make tough decisions to save the world and create strategies to lead your champions through battle. A highlight of the game is the PvE campaign map, which contains thirteen spectacular locations.

Thirteen different factions are featured in the game, each with their own story and characters. The fighting styles of the characters can be chosen for Battles or world championships.

You must train your champions and upgrade your own fortress in order for them to emit devastating special skills. In intense arena battles, you gain XP and rank up by defeating challenge bosses repeatedly.

Key Features of Raid: Shadow Legends Mod Apk:

This game is appealing to many users because it has a wide range of storylines and cast members. The massive campaign in Raid Shadow Legends will certainly have an impact on gamers worldwide.

The following features are included in this mod for Raid Shadow Legends. Those who are new to the game and still unsure whether to download the mod should be familiar with several of the features.

For unlimited energy, follow these steps:

Getting enough energy is crucial to playing Campaigns and other game modes. Refilling energy takes a while in the original game.

The Unlimited Energy feature in Raid Shadow Legends mod apk allows you to play an unlimited number of campaigns.

Here’s how to get free gems:

The characters can replenish their energy by purchasing potions with gems. Even so, it is the modified version that players most frequently request Free Gems. The feature will give you unlimited gems without requiring you to do anything. The feature will also give you unlimited coins for free.

Shopping for free:

There are many premium items available in the game’s store, including skill packs, raid cards, gemstones, and more. Each item is exceedingly costly. You can get every premium item for free with the mod apk.

A detailed campaign map can be found here:

The game contains a dark fantasy campaign map that includes thirteen amazing locations. Moreover, you will hear an engaging voiced story campaign.

No hassle autoplay:

Many of the game’s levels can also be played automatically. Instead of grinding through levels, you can explore Teleria.

Bastion Management:

Building your bastion requires managing it as well. You must upgrade your bastion as you upgrade your technology. Your shards will be managed, your Champions will be trained, and story missions will be prepared by you.

Gameplay based on strategy:

You can choose from a variety of options in addition to the strategic gameplay. You must decide what resources they will need in order to succeed as a champion. Furthermore, you must rank your characters in order to use special skills, AOE attacks, healing abilities, etc.

Arena of PVP:

This is the most exciting game I’ve ever played. You can fight other players in a PVP arena. Climbing the ranks is as simple as competing with other players in head-to-head matches. Win the match and climb the ranks.

Three-dimensional art:

Beautiful 3D artworks are featured throughout the game. The heroes are stunningly rendered. The game also offers thousands of animations for the heroes’ attacks and skills.

Battles with bosses:

Boss battles are also included in the game. Our skills are improved and challenged when we take on bosses. The bosses in Shadow Legends are no exception. By defeating these bosses, you will also receive special Champion drops, along with loot, XP, and various rewards. In addition, powerful new weapons will be added to your arsenal.

Warriors who have been unlocked:

In the normal version of the game, you must defeat your opponents to unlock hundreds of Warriors from 16 factions.

By unlocking all Warriors champions, you can customize your squad as much as you like.

Speedy battles:

In addition to improving your gaming experience, modifying your battle speed will also boost your ranking on the leaderboards.

Some More Features

Below you will find additional features.

  • Specialized skills
  • Artworks in three dimensions
  • Here are 13 amazing places to visit
  • Environments that are vibrant

User Reviews:

TheBlackDawn reviewed the following:

Since I started playing it a couple of years ago, I’ve played it on and off. It was enjoyable to play and there were a lot of features. At some point, the rewards and events become quite lame, and the game becomes difficult for f2p players. It seems like I’m getting robbed of my time because I keep getting the same champion over and over. I used to like it, but now it’s just another pay-to-win game.

Daisy reviews the following:

After selling my account, I came back to play again; same thing, all single events (and I do believe that this game does not have real events, just stupid things that happen all the time) not to help the players but to keep them spending money. In a perfect world, I would have given this game no stars. Didn’t ask, although I know that’s not allowed. Yeah, you’re not obligated to buy anything, but you won’t win a single tournament event. I strongly advise you to stay away.

Walter White reviewed the following:

I really enjoy playing this game. The adds were a little overwhelming at first, but overall this game is awesome and you can progress a lot with just ftp/ftw. The game is designed more for strategy than for ptp/ptw. A number one best team does not exist. Everyone is treated equally. You did a great job.

Daniele V reviewed the following:

Edit: The issue has been resolved! Looking forward to playing this game again. 🙂 There appears to be an ongoing issue with players being unable to connect to their servers. How have they resolved this? You can play on a computer or with a VPN service for $11.99 per month. This is not a reasonable price. They offer a *mobile* game that is not playable over WiFi on a *mobile* device. How can they do that? Unbelievable.

What’s New in the Latest Version?

New in 4.71.2:


A guide to beating the bosses. We’ve added in-game Boss guides to help you learn the ins and outs of each Boss you face. After a week, you’ll see which team beats the boss the fastest.

A CHANGE, a fix, an improvement:

The Artifact and Accessory Storages have been expanded by 300 slots.

12 Champions have been rebalanced.

The game has been enhanced in various ways.


What is the safety of using this Mod Apk?

Android devices cannot be damaged by using the Mod Apk. Every modded game we publish is protected by various antivirus programs.

When I download this mod apk, what do I get?

Due to the unlocking of all premium items and special packs, you will be able to progress much faster.

Details are provided in the following list.

  • Energy without limit
  • Shopping for free
  • Warriors who have been unlocked
  • Everything is limitless
  • The entire cast has been unlocked
  • Battles at high speeds
  • Gems without limit

Which characters in this game are the best?

These are some of the greatest champions from this game:

  • Gorgorab
  • Diabolist
  • Apothecary
  • Guardian

Is this Mod compatible with the official game?

Modded and official versions of the game cannot be played simultaneously. This method is unlikely to work.


It would be a wonderful choice for you to play Shadow Legends new version if you enjoy PVP battles. By creating your own champion, you can recruit legendary warriors to save Teleria.