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Rise of Kingdoms Pro Mod APK Download (Nov 2021)

(Unlimited money, gems, diamonds, resources) are included in the Rise of Kingdoms Pro v1.0.47.20 mod apk. The original game allows the player to lead one of eight civilizations and increase her prosperity. This is the first game ever to combine classic elements and fresh approaches to solving puzzles and challenges. You must build multiple objects to fight other kings during this process. It is also possible to form a formal union. This is called going from obscurity to legend. You have the power to make history.

With the original game, the player is able to lead one of eight civilizations and increase her prosperity. In order to fight other kings, you will have to construct various objects. Formal unions are also possible. So from obscurity, we reach legend. Now you control the history of your civilization.

You can write about many aspects of your civilization’s history, from the obscurities to legends. Do you plan on conquering the entire world through epic wars? With your sagacity, you can become a virtuous leader, or you can stand for virtue and fame? Are you looking for adventure and discovering new horizons? Do you want to serve your family and friends?

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Features of Rising Of Kingdoms:

Real-time battles:

As battles do not occur beforehand, the map shows battles in real-time. Unlike traditional RTS games, players can join or leave at any time. Does someone in your yard properly attack an ally? It might be a good idea to send troops to help out a friend or to launch a surprise attack on their city.

World map in motion:

Each player and each NPC occupy a single map that is occupied by the entire game world. A separate screen or other remote base is not permitted. With the “infinite zoom” function, which has never been seen on a cell phone before, you can easily switch between an overview and any of the cities or barbarian outposts. As well as pure obstacles like rivers and mountains, there are strategically important passes that must be taken to gain access to neighboring areas.

Eleven Different Civilizations:

With 11 historic civilizations to pick from (more to come! ), you can transform your civilization from a lone clan to excellent energy. Each civilization has its own unique structures, models, and benefits.

Investigating & Exploring:

The world of Rising of Kingdoms is covered in a thick fog. Send scouts to this mysterious land to uncover its secrets. Gather information about your opponents and prepare for the final battle! You will discover mysterious caves, mysterious temples, and barbarian fortresses!

Unrestricted actions of a troop:

Troops may be assigned orders at any time, which creates limitless strategic possibilities. By dropping a feint on an enemy city, then circling back with the alliance military and capturing it, you can deceive the enemy.

Troop troopers should gather lumber in nearby forests and engage barbarians along the way.

It is also anticipated that forces will be divided between multiple commanders with the intention of interacting in multiple activities simultaneously.

The Alliance System:

Players can coordinate tactics by using various alliance options, such as alliance chat with translation capability and officer roles. A Realm of the Ancients alliance may expand its territory to secure assets, snatch barbarian outposts and mountain passes to reinforce its position, and cooperate to accomplish group goals.

Assume control of the kingdom:

With the help of your alliance, defend this vast kingdom. In a battle royale, players must compete against each other and use superior tactics to win. When you reach the top, you and your civilization will be considered a part of the kingdom’s history!

The commanders of role-playing games are:

There are dozens of historical figures who can serve as your loyal commanders, from Julius Caesar and Solar Tzu to Joan of Arc and Kusunoki Masashige. Your commanders can be developed as you defeat barbarians and send them into battle, and their skills will improve as they gain experience through an RPG-style talent tree.


  • First time ever on a mobile device, you can zoom in infinitely!
  • Foraging
  • Information
  • Kingdom development
  • Civilizations based on cities
  • Excellent graphics
  • Designing 3D characters for a fashion
  • The list goes on…

How to install Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK (unlimited gems-money) Download APK?

  1. You can download the Rise of Kingdoms Mod APK file (unlimited gems and money) from the download page.
  2. Click twice on the APK file
  3. The steps on the screen must be followed.