Royal Whatsapp Apk Download New Updated Version 2022

Unlike traditional WhatsApp, Royal Whatsapp Apk is small, fast, and has improved features. I love how powerful and small this app is. Naeem Ahmed designed and developed the app, which features a few useful privacy features. The following is a step-by-step tutorial on how to download the apk file to Android devices.

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What is Royal Whatsapp?

In addition to Whatsapp sniffer and fmwhatsapp, WhatsApp Royal APK is one of many modified applications for WhatsApp. WhatsApp users around the world can now enjoy new features and enhancements. Instead of 140 characters on the official WhatsApp, you can write 250 characters on the app. Multiple images can also be sent in one go.

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Additional documents and files can be sent. It is also possible to send videos as large as 2GB. Several cool emojis were added in the recent update. However, it is a free app that comes with features like controlling colors, screens, groups, and chatting. 

There are many features that make this app so unique and it looks great. 

While it retains all the basic functions of WhatsApp, it adds features that improve user functionality and provide better security, privacy, and visual appearance for users. Users who prefer to use the lite application will find it appealing as it is very simple and easy to use with fewer measuring requirements, which makes it an excellent choice.

Whatsapp Royal APK has won the hearts of a lot of users around the world with its perfect combination of features, updates, and smooth designs.

The standard version is better because it has the ability to hide the double blue check, last seen, and view status. By changing the settings, you can further enhance your privacy.

Royal Whatsapp Apk File Detail:

App Name Royal Whatsapp
Size 20 MB
Developer eagleapk
Requirement Android 4.0+
Last updated Today

Features and Benefits:

  • Royal Whatsapp has the capability of freezing previous appearances as its first feature. As a result, even when connected to the Internet, you can remain anonymous.
  • The profile photos of your contacts can be enlarged.
  • You can hide the status view if you wish.
  • Some selected contacts can view your status.
  • You can share videos, events, or photos. Video files can be shared in large sizes.
  • You can easily download WhatsApp Royal with just one click and there are no annoying advertisements. It is easy to install as well.
  • Downloading, installing, or using the application is free.
  • If a contact does not appear in your contact list, they can still receive messages and files.
  • With the app, you can type much more than the 140 characters permitted by WhatsApp.
  • You can download this Apk safely. Your phone’s operating system will not be affected. Additionally, it won’t contain any viruses or corrupted files.
  • Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface and an amazing design.
  • In this version of WhatsApp, you can backup your data since there is no effort involved. This feature is not available in a number of versions of WhatsApp.
  • Emojis have been updated. Feel free to add as many emojis as you want to your library.
  • Many privacy options are available in the app.
  • Statuses can be hidden.
  • Audio can be recorded while the location where the audio is recorded is hidden.

Installation Guide:

Following the installation instructions, install the software.

  1. APKs can be downloaded from a number of Google sites.
  2. Your mobile settings should be set to allow “Unknown sources”.
  3. Then, install the APK file.
  4. We’ll need a few minutes to process your request.
  5. Launch the App after installing it and enter your phone number.
  6. You can now use the App.


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