Samsung Galaxy S22 ‘Bora Purple’ on the way

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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  • The new Samsung Galaxy S22 color “Bora Purple” is rumored to be coming soon.
  • The device looks similar to the Violet variant that you can buy today.
  • All Galaxy S22 models will likely land in this color and possibly future Samsung devices as well.

Samsung is very good at releasing a lot of interesting color options with its phones. The Galaxy S22 series has the traditional Phantom Black and Phantom White variants along with rose gold and green. There are also colors exclusive to graphite, cream, cyan, and violet.

Now, though, it looks like there may be a Samsung Galaxy S22 “Bora Purple” color on the way. according to WinFutureSamsung is preparing to launch the new colorway soon. Interestingly, the shade of purple is very similar to the purple associated with K-pop group BTS, which Samsung has partnered with in the past. However, this time, it doesn’t seem to be related to BTS.

Check out the leaked Pura Purple color below.

Samsung Galaxy S22 “Bora Purple”

Samsung Galaxy S22 Bora Purple Leak WinFuture

As you can see, the purple color is very delicate. It is a very light cover that covers all sides of the phone. It is similar to the violet model, only without the gold trim.

WinFuture It only contains a leaked image of the flagship Galaxy S22. However, all Galaxy S22 devices – including the Galaxy S22 Ultra – are rumored to come in this new color.

However, the question is when we will see the color of the Samsung Galaxy S22 Bora Purple. If we’re to guess, we think Samsung will launch it around the same time as its foldable phones, which we’re expecting in August. WinFuture It is suggested that future Samsung phones could also land in Bora Purple, so that would make a lot of sense.

Regardless, if you haven’t bought a Galaxy S22 yet and aren’t satisfied with the colors we’ve seen so far, there’s probably a new option on the way.

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