Samsung’s One UI 5 features leaked ahead of beta release

Admin, Thursday, August 11, 2022
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Android 13 Easter egg

Scott Brown / Android Authority


  • One UI 5 beta has been leaked, showing new features and tweaks to the user interface.
  • Do not expect drastic changes in the software compared to One UI 4.

Samsung is expected to release the official One UI 5 beta sometime this month. Prior to its release, Max Weinbach surpassed in 9to5Google He managed to get his hands on the program.

The guide says he got the One UI 5 beta build from a source. Since this is not a design released by Samsung to the public, it may not contain all the new features of the software.

However, the screenshots provided by Weinbach indicate that there is not a lot of new stuff in One UI 5. We see some minor changes to the user interface, including new notification icons and changes in the notification shade.

Samsung has also revamped the Security & Privacy Center to put all your accounts, passwords, security, and other privacy features on one screen. There is an option for a security check that looks for anything abusing the app’s permissions. It will also recommend security settings that you may want to enable.

It looks like Samsung will now use the default permission dialogs for Android. Maybe the OEM doesn’t want to change things with low priority so that the update can go faster, or maybe the job isn’t done yet.

Elsewhere, Samsung has turned Bixby functionality into One UI 5. It has added OCR (optical character recognition) — the ability to copy text from photos — to the Gallery app and keyboard. In addition, One UI 5 will also bring some new gestures for multitasking.

Some small changes to the software include a new collaboration feature in Samsung Notes, displaying a currently active app in quick settings, an image of the device on the About phone page, and a UWB toggle in settings.

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