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A legend tells of a hero who will stop the war for shadow energy when he appears. The player will not only learn three fighting styles, but also acquire the best weapons and face the strongest warriors.

The world is on the brink of war. The Gates of Shadows unleashed a powerful force many years ago, and currently three war clans are engaged in a struggle for control.

These harmful energies must be destroyed by the Legion warriors. It is a golden opportunity for Dynasty members. Shadow power’s darkest secrets are being explored by ancient ninjas of the Herald clan.

Three worldviews and three fighting styles are represented by the clans. Which do you prefer? If you want to win, defend yourself with courage and rage!

Players from all over the world can showcase their fighting skills in Shadow Fight 3. This is the official Shadow fight 2 special edition apk, you can now download it from google play. Stop the universe’s end as a hero.

Shadow Fight is a 3D fighting game where players control character characters. A wild ride awaits, with powerful fighters, mystical powers, and action around the globe.

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK:

Features of Shadow Fight 3 Mod APK


Would you like to play a crazy fighting game? Do you prefer ninjas, knights, or samurai? It is up to you to decide who your hero will be. You can customise your equipment colors to create a unique look by winning unique skins in battle.


As you play the battling game, you’ll see how each clan fights against each other. Make your choice based on your combat style. You don’t need a cunning or a mighty hero. Shadow energy can be used to influence battle outcomes.


A hero is needed that can defeat the forces of darkness and fight for justice on behalf of all soldiers and warriors around the world. Decide which clan you will be on. Explore and conquer new worlds and time periods, and challenge powerful bosses to defeat your nemesis.


When the main story battle is over, the action of a hero fighting game doesn’t stop. Face other players’ AI heroes. Earn your spot at the TOP-100 leaderboard by competing against the strongest warriors in your region!


You can look cool and experiment with battles if you collect your own arsenal of weapons and armor. If u intrested more games then download the Mortal kombat mod apk. Each piece of equipment you collect gives you new abilities that help you win battles. However, you must devise an attack strategy and execute it successfully.


In role-playing games, heroes are able to win rare skins, colors, weapons, and armor by competing in themed events. You’ll meet new heroes and learn a great deal about Shadow Fight’s world during the battles.


Games with realistic combat animations can rival consoles in terms of color and scenery.

Shadow Fight 3 combines ninja quests, knightly combat, and street fighting. You can play it however you like. Be the hero you are meant to be!

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Having a stable internet connection is necessary for Shadow Fight 3 because it is an online game

(Solving Problems Canada country):

Please follow these instructions if you see Beta Key or Beta Email ID:

Start by downloading a VPN.

Set the country to Canada in the settings.

Connect, play, and enjoy the game.

How to Install Mod APK?

  1. Install the original apk or modify it
  2. The “Android/Obb/” file should be extracted and copied to the “com.nekki.shadowfight3” folder.
  3. Have fun playing

It is one of the most popular Android games, with millions of people playing it on their smartphones. Those who love action and fighting games will love Shadow fight 3 mod apk.

Gbhouse is available for download with highly compressed data, so you can easily install it. The other interesting point about this android game mod is that it appeals to everyone no matter their age, which is a unique aspect of it.

Mod Features:

  • There is no limit to anything
  • Level Maximum
  • Level 52 maximum
  • Amount of money is unlimited
  • A limitless supply of energy
  • Gems without limits
  • Version newest
  • The final boss must be defeated
  • Offline gameplay is easy
  • Tool for hacking
  • Game-killing mods
  • APK Titan Mod
  • Promotional code
  • Download for pc

Game Review:

“Although I find this game to be quite enjoyable, it has many flaws that prevent it from being balanced. There are many issues with the game, such as getting up is sloppy and leaves you vulnerable, the attack on knocked down is inconsistent, you can combo while knocked down, every weapon is very slow, and the controls are difficult to use, which makes it difficult for me to attack when instead I’m jumping away from the opponent instead of attacking them. There is no explanation of all the mechanics in the tutorial.” By Yellow Jester

“Greedy game,” says the announcer. Spended a lot of money to build your stats and gear to the top. You will eventually reach a point where the gear you spent time and money building up is completely obsolete and you can no longer use it.

You will have to replace your gear and start all over again. Suddenly, after spending a fortune building your gear stats, you are sucked right into buying more gear as if you haven’t already spent a fortune playing.” By Dan Her

“Well played.”. It has good graphics and a good storyline, but it is challenging. Shadow Pass buyers also receive too many privileges. Coins are very weak for obtaining gems, and gems are too rare for obtaining things. Story fights become too challenging too fast. Coins cannot be converted to gems. The others aren’t important. By Reba Biswas

It was a great game. When I was a kid, I played the first one. It is a cruel game. In this game, no one takes things easy on you, and you must rely solely on your skills. A game like this does not have adds or pay to win, which is a big surprise. It’s sometimes frustrating to play with the controls, but once you keep playing, the frustration will stop. I also enjoyed the storyline. In my opinion, it deserves five stars.” By Indika De Silva,